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  • hahaha good day DA. I Return tha hug.
    That call was so good bout not winnin collingwood.
    Umm on the thread bout tha man fallin on AFL board I go OUCH hope his okay and then some idiot quotes me and goes "he's" and I told him
    Omg shut up no one cares and apparently that's abuse...

    Meh. What's doin x
    Hopefully you get two more wins and make the eight. My league isnt competitive except for prob top 5 teams. Good luck for the rest of the weekend
    Yer sitting in first place and one game clear of second place, so i reckon im pretty safe for making the finals. What about you?
    Swan bowling around the wicket, Huss went for a cover drive, missed he ball but hit the ground, spun out of the rough straight to first slip. Given out caught.
    Yeah was a real ripper ey. Pretty bloody average.

    The Ponting one can be excused. But then the catch and THEN then Huss dismissal. :rolleyes:
    I feel bad nowww srsly they are the pissweak softest board ever, if i could take your red i would as its my fault.

    come back soonnn mate.
    That's very nice of you to say!

    You seem like such a nice person too, I've read a lot of your posts and i think you have a GOOD sense of humor, you seem very switched on and sweet too. I think BF would be a much better place with nice, funny people like you :thumbsu:

    Anyway I hope you have a good night


    Thanks for your comments on my dogs. I actually respected you as a poster before. Now your just a pieca of trash in my eyes. Get a life. It helps mate. :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
    Mate, let us just say if we keep serving up sh*t like that my laptop will have a very short lifetime.

    I nearly cried when Noble missed the penalty.
    Yeah I've been great mate. Watching some high quality cricket along with school and cricket. :D

    When you back from the US?
    The two man attack fails yet again. Doesn't surprise me really, Krejza and Siddle ideally need a lot more FC cricket to improve their games (Which is exactly what Simon Katich did).
    I'll take a draw against Chelsea with our current team any day of the week mate. We probably had better chances as well even though they had more total shots on, if only Cole could have finished in injury time and we would have taken all 3 points.

    Problem is consistency and I still have doubts on us when we go forward as Noble is still young and we don't really have a playmaker in midfield. Behrami is a star but he's more of a wide player.
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