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  • Your Mt Buller Demons are int he Grand Final this week. You really should make an appearance.

    Oh and empty your inbox you lazy sod.

    I'm hoping you can help me out with getting a copy of the Dees v Tigers game from earlier this year? Apparently my friend and her son are shown on the live Foxtel coverage at half time and she really wants a copy of the game. As a Tigers supporter, I deleted my copy so I'm hoping that one of your Dees Supporters mates may have recorded it and could maybe make a copy for me? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Kylie
    mate I have been up since 3.40. If you can hang around until CA gets in, I would be grateful please
    mate, do you mind if I just go ahead and post the preview or would you rather that it go through you, please?
    thanks mate, I am grateful - can you please get rid of that bold-ed bit around the Latin saying?
    Hi D - hope you are well. Is there any drama with the preview please? If not, please not there is a small typo towards the end (and to have - re the nap - should be 'and have') Best wishes, B
    Hello Deestroy

    Would you be so kind to change my typo in thread title for MFC ficture 2011 to MFC fixture 2011. Thanks in advance.
    Keep track of the crap on this forum please, as I have young ones who want to see what is happening with melbourne & they shoudb't have to put up with this crap... please reply...
    how come I am not able to set up my own forum,please help me,I have just registered and been approved and have no idea how to go about getting involved and setting up a thread for others to answer too.
    Deestroy, last year Marns asked me to undertake the pre-game preview. I was happy to do this. Do you want this to continue in 2010? best wishes, B
    Hi there mate,

    Can you please sticky the new 2010 tipping thread and un-sticky the 2009 thread on the tipping board? (The rules thread can stay)

    Deestroy, I need a post deleted due to giving away information I shouldn't have. Can you contact me regarding this
    Sorry to annoy you again, mate. We've decided to skip Falc. Anyway, it's your go again.
    Deestroy, just letting you know the AFLFF draft has started, mate, and it's your pick. No time limits yet, but be aware that it's on. Cheers.
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