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  • hey deledio2conca.

    how did you go about changing your name?
    i looked through account settings and couldnt figure it out.
    any help would be fantastic.
    Dude, are you gonna back up for the Gumbies this year? We're going to have our season lauch and first practice game later this week.

    Couple of Platinum BF memberships up for grabs as team prizes this year too :D
    Hey man are you by any chance "Team of Champions"??? If so we want you in our Dream Team league again so we can beat you.(for once) code: 995178
    Regards, Jordo's Superstars
    Hey mate you're such a nice bloke ... At the next Tiges Hawks game, I hope we can have a beer... Theres a few of us Hawks on here who meet up and we have a bit of fun ...

    Haha yeahh I'm a girl.
    But dont worry i'll be the toughest you find.

    No not really.

    BUT I am the biggest female footy fanatic.


    Yeahh the Porpoise is my man! He aint doing that well in DT though..

    Good luck
    Mate thats guy who is having a go at you on that thread (Is there a way to find past DT results) is a dick.

    Ill stick up for ya!!!

    He shouldnt be on that board if all he is going to do is tease!

    Beat him!!!!!!!!


    All the best in DT btw!
    D2T is a legendary poster... Him and RT are like Judd and Cousins were at the Eagles. Might singlehandedly win a BigFooty flag for the Tigers ...
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