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  • Hi mate I'm assuming your corp package is gone but if not could you please contact me. I'm heading to Perth on Thursday to fly to Melbourne and try my luck there.
    Hey mate, yeah sorry have already sold, good luck with the ticket hunt!
    Hey Dewy, Probably gone already but please let me know if your WCE package is still available!! Cheers
    Hi Mate, 20 year member of the crows also, booked flights and accommodation but haven't got a ticket. Willing to pay as much as necessary for a ticket. was unsuccessful in the ballot also. Let me know if interested, would be greatly appreciated.
    I should have mentioned that I did only just create the account to try and contact you, that's why there's no profile etc on me! If you know how to pm me I can send my mobile if your interested in trying to sort something out
    Hi mate I'm a crows silver member from just north of Gero, went to the prelim on Friday night and missed out on ballot tickets. I probably can't afford much more than what you paid for your corp ticket but if it's still available could you contact me pls.
    I am interested Dewy006

    Please let me know if you still have it available? I have accommodation just need a ticket. 20 year member. Plan on sharing it around with the family on the day who will all be out at the live site. Cheers
    Hi Dewy006, I am long time reader of BF and AFC silver member, but have recently made an account after seeing your post about selling a WCE corporate package. I am registered in the ballot but it seems like I am unsuccessful. I am interested in purchasing the WCE corporate package that you are selling and will be able to make an offer above cost if that would assist. Many thanks, Minh
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