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  • R.I.P Brent - Read your story and it gave me shivers, what a strong, determined person you were..
    Just read through your thread mate. You're a legend. You're an inspiration and you were so courageous through your battle. I'm really glad you were able to see your beloved Pies win the flag.

    RIP Brent.

    Hope they are screening Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will for you, wherever you are. It's a ripper.
    Hey Brent, just read your whole thread in it's entirety. You were an absolute inspiration. Your attitude was exemplary. Going through all the highs and lows that you experienced on your journey was at times excruciatingly painful, extremely philosophical but always refreshingly honest. Your humility and generosity has touched me. I'm not afraid to say I shed a tear for you, even though I never met you in person.

    Thank you to Debbie & Emma for taking the time to keep us on BF informed as well. My condolences and thoughts are with you during this tragic time.

    As I'm writing this, a flicker of a smile is creeping over my face, because I know that Didaka got to see his beloved Pies win the flag (like he promised that he would). I can take solace in this, and that makes the pain of my beloved Saints losing it slightly more tolerable.

    R.I.P forever mate.

    Just heard about what happened, I never met you or even spoke to you but I just have to say your a legend in my eyes, a strong-willed legend, you fought until you couldn't anymore.

    R.I.P Mate.
    Never forgot your battle, strength and bravery mate

    You'll be forever remembered around this part
    Yeah sounds about right, and he posts in essays so then no one takes him to task because no one can be bothered deciphering he bullshit.....sort of like me in some uni assignments...

    Come draft day he'll be proved a fool again.

    rant over

    anyway hope your well mate
    Hey mate, just a quick note to say hi and to keep fighting mate.

    Glad you got to see a Pies premiership, may there be many more for you. :)
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