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    D-Day for Didaka

    Hi my name is Debbie and I am Brents mum. I would just like to say thank you to everyone for your tributes for my son, I knew that Brent had made an impact on people during his journey but i am only now just finding out how many people he has shared his story with along the way. Brent was an...
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    D-Day for Didaka

    Hi everyone, Emma here again. Just wanted to say a big thanks on behalf of Brent's family and myself, to everyone on here for paying tribute to Brent (Didaka) with the posts and signatures. I have only just had a chance to sit down and read the entire thread and I am so happy Brent had an...
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    D-Day for Didaka

    Hi Guys, my name is Emma, I am Brent's girlfriend. Not sure how to go about contacting you guys, but I know Brent was in touch with a lot of you on big footy and I know a lot of you were aware of his battle with cancer. You were the most recent message on his inbox. I didn't know how to...
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    Beams vs. Sidebottom

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    The Good, The Bad and the Ugle - NAB Grand Final

    Nothing wrong with Didak's game. First hitout for the year, one touch, clean hands, and generally used it when he had it. Good first up I thought. He's going to take till round 4 or so before he's picking up 20-25 plus, so don't expect to much because he's had pretty significant surgery and I'd...
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    The Good, The Bad and the Ugle - NAB Grand Final

    It seems ludicrous that such a good side can add a player of Krakouer's ability to it.
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    Review The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

    Thought Krakouer was one of our best. So clean at ground level and reads the ball so well, and uses it. Tackled hard as well. This bloke is going to add a lot to our footy side this coming season. I'm looking forward to seeing him rove to Jolly whose tap work is a fair bit better than Cam Wood's.
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    Blair v Krakouer

    Yeah nah, Johnno goes nowhere.
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    Blair v Krakouer

    Without sounding heartless, a senior spot has just opened up with Nathan Brown doing his knee and Tarrant moving straight to fullback. We all expected Tarrant to take Goldsack's spot in the 22. Well now it possibly opens for another as he's had a pretty interrupted pre-season and is generally...
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    Roast Matthew Lloyd on Kirk Ugle

    He must be doing something right TD if he was rewarded with a NAB cup game first up.
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    Blair v Krakouer

    Don't underestimate the role nerves play also. Krakouer, as well as Tarrant would have been nervous as ****. One thing Krakouer does well is dispose the footy. I noticed he stiffened up a couple of time with the footy in hand last night with a couple of handballs dropping short and a short...
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    Blair v Krakouer

    You know it's going to take Krakouer a little time to settle in. That's what these games are for. He ain't superman. I actually just watched the pies v tigers game and in the second half he had it about 6 times and was involved in 2 centre clearances. It will be good to see them bring...
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    Some things from my notepad last night

    Krakouer will improve 100% on that. Even veteran players come back after the pre-season and need to find touch, while Krakouer has been out of the system for a while. I thought he played forward to often as well. I hope we're not going to see that all year because as soon as he went into the...
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    The Krakoeur Myth

    He'll just be glad to get that one out the way. He would have been nervous as shit. Also he'll push into the middle more once a few come back.
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    Preview NAB Cup Round 1 Matchday Discussion.

    Steele Sidebottom is going to be an unbelievable player.
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