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  • Did u ban me from replying in the GF thread for pointing out the blatant vicco cheating?? I can't express my opinion?
    Why was that Johnoamh thread May 26 2017 stopped on him bagging the media?
    Its not allowed in here to criticize them?
    G'day Dixie....Sorry to bother ,but where is the place to go to for complaints re mod victimization?.....Just had another minor points infraction dished out by Forward Press on the main board for none other than using the term 'Norf" ????....This is the second time now in less than 12 hours....He was also responsible for giving me 5 points in less than a 24 hour period in August to get me suspended for 2 weeks!....
    Dixie, a heads up for this weekend. When you post about the Casey v Box Hill match, 3WBC will NOT be covering the game.
    It's live on ABC TV and Casey Radio will be doing the match - their stream is at www.3ser.org.au - Pete.

    Is it just me, or is there something wrong with HHQ tonight? Or has it finally gone to the creme de la creme of the crop and I missed the cut ???

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