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  • I do not, good sir.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it is somebody who has/did have an account on TLC.

    How is TLC going these days? Still kicking? Rest messed up anything lately? Crackers still a whinging old b*tch? Kingy still Kingymous? Faps come back? etc..

    Whats the goss babeh.
    it prolly isn't really at all, i'm being dramatic i guess. its mainly been about trying to score moar roots and that tlc is boring. lol, plus i am dreading when i have to do all that ****ing physical labour of moving
    most of that message is babble, been drinking today, might come back to irc soon i guess, but fifa, modern warfare 2 and trying to clap dem cheeks on hot bishes is taking up a fair bit of time atm.
    ah, you know, took a break from teh interwebz, went away to the beach for a while got some fresh straight outta high school puss (or so i'm led to believe) on new years, which made me happy for a little bit. plus im moving into a new fresh bachelor pad soon which is stressing me out, plus i have people who are imposing themselves on wanting to move in with me, "so when are we moving in", i was like "hooooold up". old friends vs a really hot chick with a great rack. seems everyone wants a piece of the span man pad

    Also i'm in the middle of an identity crisis, may be having a meltdown irl for whatever reason. srs bzn. i feel i haven't really achieved anything so far, besides a killer wardrobe and street smarts that would make gangsta lean back and be like 'awwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit'
    I don't feel I know George well enough.

    How do I get to learn more about you, babby?
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