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  • If i started a thread about player rumors, would you merge all the thread together (Josh Fraser, Hill and Goldsack, Clark and all the WC players)? Or do you think they are better on their own.
    Bloody can't believe I know you young man lol

    Check facebook profile and put 2 + 2 together.

    Spun out.
    Staying @ a resort about 15-20 minutes outside the CBD (i think the CBD) or if not CBD it is where the carilion mall is. I am heading to Burswood tomorrow. I love freo (town as well as team) it is beautiful and so close to the city. I am going to Mandurah also, and dont woryy i wont be walking @ night alone anywhere, knowing myself id get lost and bashed then. no car catching bus or train to subi whatevers best. :)
    Where are situated in Perth. I am staying @ Northbridge, and the aboriginals state are shocking from what ive seen, too dangerous to go out at nite, it is sad.
    Hey Dom. What is the time WST right now. Balla is on live chat at 12:30 WST. it is 2:19 in MEL, so does that make it 12:19 in perth???
    I always behave myself...:);)

    I'm glad the old school brigade are happy to mod our board because at least we know you guys.

    [I cant remember what that easy bite thing was about:eek:]
    I know I appear thin skinned, because I snapped - but consider how many times people have a go at me daily on this forum.. you'd snap after a while too. I let it go for ages and ages... after a while you get sick and tired of that becoming the topic of conversation and you just let go.
    Poor Fremantle. :eek:

    Bad luck on the loss on Friday night. ;)

    You ever coming back to TAE? :p

    You should try out the RFFL. ;)
    Ahh, ok. So you were sitting in spot #3 roughly with me on your right? The mags they have at the front desk, and I found that one on the floor near my feet and was getting bored of folding so thought I would have a read...

    Annoyed I had so much bad luck lol, and the aces getting cracked...
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