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  • Good win today amte, good to see you finally challenged ;)

    Any chance of you making a comeback to the Gumbies for remainder of the season?
    Hey Mate

    Are you interested in going around again for the Gumbies next season (New season should commence within a few weeks)

    If you are can you please pop on over to the big footy fantasy footy league and post in the gumbies off-season thread that you recommit for another season


    Geelong Gumbies Captain.
    hey mate

    Havent seen you around Gumbies HQ for a while....Your currently still in the side playing off the bench each week....It would be great if you could pop in and make a post or two..

    Thanks and i hope to hear from you soon

    Geelong Gumbies Captain

    GO GUMBIES!!! :thumbsu:
    GG10!!! :thumbsu: :thumbsu:
    hey mate

    Just letting you know that the Gumbies have had a few pre-season hitouts so far and our enxt one is onthursdya night - Youve been performing well so far - Pop on over to the board and have a look and make a post or three :)
    great stuff mate - the forum board is - and the Geelong Gumbies off-season thread is - Join our side and not someone elses :) You wont regret it....Just post in our off-season thread that you would love to join our side and name your three preferred positions that you would like to play and we will try fit you in :).

    Hope to see you post in the thread soon....Youll be a great addition to our side....We have made some good signings this off-season :)


    Geelong Gumbies Vice Captain.
    mate did you want to join a side in the big footy fantasy footy league? Let me know as my side the Geelong Gumbies are very interested in you seeing your a good poster and frequent visitor to big footy :)
    So I was all like "Why come no-one's posted in the Boredom thread for awhile?". Stupid Fred. I do believe it's your turn to start a new thread.
    Thanks but that site just has the opening credits. I thought it was the whole episode?

    Btw, well done tonight.
    message from bf coach

    if youa re trying to tell me you want traded to GC you will be dropped immediately

    end message from coach

    he is just about to do one in the pic too, he has the look in his eye and the ball which is never a good thing lol
    snag has a very very vivid imagination and she is by no means sheltered

    She grew up in northern ireland mate she has seen stuff we could only dream of
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