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  • Sanchez in his 3rd year makes no difference, he's a dud.
    What makes the difference is that Holmes is playing the whole year, he went average with end of year numbers but missed 1/4 the year last year, he is a great pickup now.

    Also, the Jets added very little this season, so will drop off due to the age factor on Defence = More passing = more catches for Holmes.
    Hey Mate,

    Ill be naming you in the Gumbies side for tomorrows game. So pop on over and post when you can :)
    Hi Eagleoz83,

    I see that you are a Richmond supporter.

    Would you like to come join a Richmond-only fantasy football club? We're called the Fighting Furies.

    Post in this thread - http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.php?t=786421&page=8

    and we will gladly broaden your knowledge of how this game work.

    PS. Gumbies are terrible. Do you seriously want to join up with a club that idolises a Playdough man?
    I see your viewing the Fantasy Footy League mate.

    You interested in joining a side?

    Im captain of the Geelong Gumbies and we are currently looking for a few players, aslong as they can commit to posting in the team thread and match threads atleast once or twice a week, we need a few more players to keep the selectors busy when naming a squad.

    Post in our off-season thread if your interested, or let me know.


    GG Captain.
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