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  • Damien Batters racing.
    have a look at my fb work page
    also if u look at my races u will see the last 12 months i have been racing in qld ans before that adel..
    my children should also be on my page
    mate call me what u like.
    i never said i was a trotting trainer. i train gallopers. i use to live in adelaide moved here 12 months ago.
    just for the record as i have nothing to hide. and i wish this infomation not to be posted in the forum. but maybe you can say u have had proff..
    Hahaha loving the ******* social media banter, Wayne loves me I though he had me on ignore gave him some s**t just for you!

    These guys are ******* ******ed when was the last time we won a flag and they think the crows are just the best

    * that would you be happy to go another twenty without one
    Elite Crow
    Elite Crow
    Admit Mackay is s**t and I'll back you up
    Come on man you're the Mike Tyson of BigFooty. You don't have to be alone anymore, I'm here for you on a mental level. Just accept and then we can have a whopping huge group hug with all my other 'close' friends? Deal?
    Don't know if you are interested, but Ass Man just reported me for calling him a "w***er". Apparently I am attacking the poster not the argument. He is a joke.
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