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  • Oh, Damn.
    I'm from São Paulo, But now I'm Living in São Bento. A small city in northeast region.
    And My father never will let me enter a pub (I still have 16)
    Hey esaint, I'm sure there's some stuff I was meant to send you ... but I can't remember what it was ... any chance you remember? Sorry about the passage of time.
    Hi..just touching base...I understand your a friend of Mobbenfuhrer.....I sent him an email recently and he has not replied....just wondering if you make contact with him...let him know he has mail at bigfooty.....thanks....i read in one of his old posts that he had some old footscray photos...i'm very interested to learn more....thanks
    Yep, I went. Swans were appalling - Dogs were good. Good atmosphere as usual up here - we're all so appreciative of having elite-level rules played here.
    I appreciate the kind words, ed. Very kind of you and I will definitely include you in my plans for poverty domination! Thanks again, Kev.
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