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  • The 'xenu' signature is a dig at Scientology. Why would any sane person believe in any religion. Lookup Xenu on Wikipedia for a hearty laugh. My Imaginary friend insists.
    Cheers mate, I've got a lot of respect for your contributions. I would have been happier if we'd kept it at 40+ points and it's only a remote chance that Geelong will be good enough to win the flag. It's great for us though, that Hawthorn might have to get on a plane at least at some stage.

    Keep up the good work.
    Mate, the Nicky/DOS stuff, was the best thing I've read in a while on this site. Absolute crack up. (Bar Son of Reep's pigeon head). Good to see you're still around mate.
    Cheers, mate. I appreciate that. Remember that the night is still young, and the DOS/nicky romance has barely begun. Plenty more to follow. How's the radio gig coming along? I listened to the first podcast, haven't seen you guys linking them lately. Still plugging along?
    Ah sweet, I might even see if I can tune in live in a couple of weeks, once I get these exams outta the way. Hope you and FG can rise up the ranks and one day oust the FatPricks and Yobbos of the footy media world. There aren't enough Barretts or RoCos if you ask me :gibbsy avatar style winky face
    Thanks mate, I'll have a look now. Gets annoying when I'm on a roll and the shins start to ache. Means I lose about a week with just trying to recover.
    Thanks for the kind words fairdinkum. If something grabs my attention I reckon it deserves a bit of effort on my part to do a bit of research. Comes from a lack of trust in the media doing their job properly.
    Greetings. My avatar is of Nick Rutherford. A dude who makes a show on youtube with his mate Beck Bennet called Theatre of Life. Basically they sit in deck chairs on Venice Beach (sometimes other locations) and give voices to random people walking past. Incredibly un-PC, but very funny.


    My profile pic is of Dave McCormack. He fronted the Aussie band Custard. Far and away my favourite musician.
    No not on the drink :) it was intended as a philisophical question. I should have stated that. I thought ppl may have realized why i put it in social forums; i wanted people to think about it. Mb next time
    Hi FD. I've been very busy with other things in my life at the moment. I appreciate the message you left me and humbled by being missed in the SRP board by someone I respect.
    Thanks fd - my job means I get to meet a lot of people in politics and their advisers from time to time. I met Abbott at at function organised by George Pell FFS - trust me - the Dr No thing is a construction of his horrible advisers - the trouble for him is it is working to an extent BUT it can never be a credible argument for government
    Yeah hoping to move up to Brissy, finishing off uni this year and hoping to land a graduate job of some sort up there. What about yourself? All the best to you too :)
    Was a bit late with your query about the Chinese presence in Africa issue, hope my reply can clarify any issues you have.
    Apologies for being OTT with my first response to you on that thread just before mate. Sorry about that, and the hostile tone of it.

    Fair to say I've been pretty irascible lately in my postings on these kinds of topics, partly because of reasons I've listed in my latest reply to you on that thread, but also because I've been finding Meds and a couple of others especially arrogant, obtuse, and dishonest in recent times, which has also affected the tone of my discourse around the Aus politics board, I reckon.

    I've gone back and toned down that initial post by the way, and taken out the parts that were out of line (most of it, I think)...
    Except we know what we're talking about 99% of the time when it comes to weights n stuff.Not so sure meds and E87 have the same strike rate on SRP :)
    Yeah i don't much look like a metalhead i suppose.Long hair gives me the shits,i get my 0/1 done every 2 or 3 weeks by The Sicilian (my barber..we call him the Sicilian because he's Sicilian funnily enough)
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