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    Bruce McAvaney retires from commentary

    I reckon, like Dennis, he has gotten fed up with the travelling. Doing a season based almost entirely in SA probably reinforced that for him. Bruce, as a child from the 90s, you are the voice of the national league for me. I would like to acknowledge a fine career as an AFL commentator. Yes, it...
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    Food, Drink & Dining Out The Perth Thread - Part 3

    He may also because of his training, been really good at properly washing his hands, social distancing, keeping things ventilated and coughing into his elbow/shoulder. He's clearly not a super spreader but his other actions have likely helped. Amazing really that no one in his building complex...
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    Discussion TV Broadcast Graphics - Designs & Discussion

    Just seen the new 7 graphics in action- don't mind them at all. Would prefer they were top left though. Not sure why 7 when they got the rights back in '07 have insisted on bottom left scorebugs..
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    2021 Freo Predictions

    Finish: 11th with a good percentage Doig: Walters Goals: Taberner Rising Star : Young Riser: Aish Slider: Schultz (mainly WAFL for Lachie I think)
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    Players You'd Like To See Breakout In 2021

    Quinton Narkle. Could be very valuable to the Cats if he an his body gets it together.
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    7Cricket Vs Fox Cricket

    I prefer 7 for the tests but the big bash is clearly better on Fox.
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    Dad jokes - add yours

    I don’t trust stairs... they’re always up to something.
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    Dad jokes - add yours

    Fish keep dying in a river. Some think it's a Religious sign....for others it's an act of cod.
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    Best 22 - Most Underrated Players of All Time

    Tony Evans is a bit like Bachar Houli at Richmond imho. Will never be forgotten at the club they played at due to their consistency and ability to lift in the big matches. Good examples of stars of their club, not the league.
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    Food, Drink & Dining Out The Perth Thread - Part 3

    Attempted to. Drunk a heap of bleach, survived and is now 'cooperating' with Police and CCC [from gaol].
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    Food, Drink & Dining Out The Perth Thread - Part 3

    Considering a high ranking [and for a couple of years, boss] person in the Dept of Housing is currently in prison awaiting sentencing for spearheading a fraud of at least 22million, it's not surprising that public housing has been missing out. Not just he, but all the other Housing staff who...
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    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    In the spirit of this thread, I was told by two people I trust [separately] that Fyfe had strongly indicated to St Kilda that he would seek a trade to them at the end of 2017. Nothing was signed but the wheels were well in motion and Fyfe/his management were interested in leaving Freo but only...
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    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    Rhys Palmer and Chris Masten were not known as loose units from about 15 for nothing!
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    Contracted Quinton Narkle [re-signed for 2021]

    Probably because Geelong trade fair and clubs wouldn't have been able to get him for next to nothing. Reduced list sizes mean less 'project' players on each list too.
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    Dad jokes - add yours

    Scientists have recently added 'Ah' to the periodic table.. It's the element of surprise