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    TV Rake

    I was a bit hit and miss with this when it first came out, so I've been working my way through it all this year ... am up to season five and I must say it's a bit of a drop off from the earlier stuff so far, but I have faith ...
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    TV The Front Bar (2020)

    I thought Tommy G was a great straight man, especially on the news desk with the likes of Rob Sitch and Tony Martin and their ridiculous facial prosthetics.
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    Wheel of Time

    I started WOT in late 2011and basically spent all of 2012 reading it, and got up to the last book just as it was released, I didn't even know the last book hadn't been released when I started reading the series, let alone planned for that outcome. I still have this website bookmarked, it was my...
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    TV Ted Lasso

    I've never really watched show for the plot anyway, so this was a completely fine detour for me.
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    TV Ted Lasso

    Maybe try watching it on fast forward to Benny Hill music?
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    PS5 Playstation 5 - Articles, accessories and everything else

    I've had the same thing, the Sony helpline reckoned they'd never heard of such an issue and then told me to rebuild the database and if that doesn't fix it to reset the whole thing. Since I've done the database thing it has done it a couple of times but for some strange reason it only seems to...
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    Jumper clash fails

    It's not the worst possible clash, but it will still look horrible.
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    Wheel of Time

    I doubt you'll get too many agreeing with you on that front.
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    Ch 7 Commentary - is it intervention time?

    It was great to have a commentator for once and not a performer
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    Multiplat No Man's Sky

    I got a message for one on some shithole planet and I skedaddled straight out of there hoping I can reset it somewhere else. I haven't been back to check yet. I guess I'll find you at my activated indium farm then?
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    Multiplat No Man's Sky

    Only briefly so far, but I intend to jump in a bit more over the next few days
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    TV The Wire

    This is from a couple of years ago, it's a few of his characters having a conversation
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    TV Ted Lasso

    I understood the HR Pufnstuf reference :(
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    TAS Tassie team nickname

    It'll be the Tassie Devils because of course it will.
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    TV The Front Bar (2020)

    I've always thought that 'brewery fresh' is just about the most amusingly meaningless slogan in advertising.