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Apr 26, 2008
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Flawed Genius

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Jan 21, 2017 at 10:37 AM
    1. Ant_
      Moving up in the world mate
      1. Flawed Genius
        Flawed Genius
        It would seem so
        Jan 22, 2014
    2. Ant_
    3. Ryz
      Epic av dude
    4. grizzlym
    5. SwampCreature
      y u no tlc no moar
    6. Crimson King
      Crimson King
      I like you, FG, but if this crapola continues, I'm going to take a pretty dim view, man.
    7. do you know george?
      do you know george?
      I like you, FG, but if this crapola continues, I'm going to take a pretty dim view, man.
    8. The Other Dean
      The Other Dean
      Mate, how come you're getting all your mates to lob onto the North board and post crap about robbieando ?

      Not really working for me.

      It's just making grief, and more work, for me and TT and Filth.

      We didn't card you.

      I like you, FG, but if this crapola continues, I'm going to take a pretty dim view, man.
    9. HSSB
      Why'd you get Red Carded ahah?
    10. CrazyQ
      Quest and marv are funny people man, so are the other two, good battle.
    11. CarlosSETANTA
    12. Rest lives!
      Rest lives!
      oh jawdie, i love you moar then crackers and kerrby combined
    13. CrazyQ
      anecdote v thesaurus

      get on it!!!
    14. Rave Slave
      Rave Slave
      Moar like flawed penis
    15. King Elvis
      King Elvis
      Whats going on with the Kiwi girl then Jawdie?

      And when have you got exams?
    16. CrazyQ
      my comps way too slow, ill check it out tomorrow for sure
    17. DeputyViceCaptain
      Best Avatar on Big Footy
    18. CrazyQ
      thanks for the heads up bro...only watched the first part and i thought dumb took the second and third rounds but ph took the first....overall ive seen both do heaps better but it was still watchable....check out marv one, he was dope during the wrc and hes vid is up now, if you watch it, tell me how he goes
    19. Mundy
      This pick, run your mouse over Jacks head.
      1. ronpingwins likes this.
    20. Mundy
      Place your mouse over the original pick with the milf. Fine tagging that.
      1. ronpingwins likes this.
    21. Mundy
      One last smooch then eh? What a homa

      1. ronpingwins likes this.
    22. CrazyQ
      haha soul khan destroyed ac, shit was embarrassing... you have to check out johnny storm, he's probably my favourite now... i havent really been checking out grind time lately, they've ****ed up their schedule and there vids have been thrown on youtube 1-2 weeks after they said they would...

      hit us up when ph and dumb battle, ph is underrated
    23. CrazyQ
      aha, soul Khan is a funny mother****er, did you watch him and dirt-bag dan V fresco and real deal? he basically battled both and won, dbd was shit...yeah dumbfounded and ph will be nuts

      who else have you liked in grind time so far

    24. George Washington
      George Washington
      mate you have to keep posting, everytime i see your avatar i chuckle.
    25. CrazyQ
      go to grindtime battles on youtube, sahtyre V reverse live....shit is ****ing dope, both ***** are raw as ****.

      specially sahtyre, hes ****ing fcraycy and better than h e was since 07, if you check ouit grindtime its thew best batting exposure ever, check it out dude.......im slightly drunk.
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