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  • Hey Mate,

    Not sure what is happening with the mod situation, I have put my hand up but thats all I know. As for the Dees not too happy with their form but lets hop we use todays game to build some confidence.

    See you round,

    In answer to your question, yes, there are undercover areas at Casey, but you need an MCC membership to gain access and possibly diplomatic clearance.

    If you're a visiting rock star though, just ignore the rules. Just waltz in wherever and whenever you like and do whatever you want to whoever you want, and there will be NO consequences! Christ, there are some stray sheep in the carpark, so you know, anything goes man!! ;).

    Y'know rules, laws and ethics are for suckers i've figured. If you want an undercover spot well you can HAVE an undercover spot right ?!!:D

    Aaah...Should be a good game though against the bulldogs. Might want to arrive early though as the weather is looking pretty ugly. don't want to miss out on that undercover spot, because there is a tax on cleaning up body liquid which will be charged to your bereaved if you happen to melt... :thumbsu:
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