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    Expansion Apple Isle Showdown: Tas Govt threatens to end Hawks, North deals if no plan for 19th side

    I'm interested in supporters allegiances. If I moved permanently to another state I don't know if I could ever fully give up supporting my club considering how ingrained it is into my persona. In saying that, I would imagine to actually see more than one game a year live, I might begin to show...
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    Player Watch #44 Sydney Stack

    Stack saved our bacon on multiple occasions down back this game. He looked like he had regained his 2019 form. I was excited to see his footskills and confidence return. We really do need to sign him up asap. I'm still unsure what his future position will be. He's great off the halfback but it...
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    VFL Richmond VFL 2021

    I watched the game too. Thought Hugo was a level above with his leading, footskills and work ethic. Ryan was also a standout - so strong overhead and developing ruckwork. He smashes the packs too and ran all day. RCD was solid though has developed an overhead handball tactic which becomes too...
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    List Mgmt. Club greats - time to say goodbye

    I think Houli should probably retire and move into heading up our community programs. Cotchin should get another year where he can play part time and support the young leaders who will take over from him the proceeding year. Jack deserves another two years to do the same. Jack still has plenty...
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    Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

    None, but I wouldn't use that first round pick for another tall forward. I would choose a midfielder instead. For mine, I feel we need to shore up our midfield with our current top line midfielders struggling to get on the park or close to retirement. CJ doesn't strike me as anywhere near the...
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    Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

    For a late first rounder, I'd trade out CJ. I think he'd spend the next few years playing the majority of his time in the VFL with the odd senior game here and there. I'd rather groom a youngster to eventually step into the Key Forward position or trade someone in. There is no assurance that Cj...
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast R18 vs Brisbane & Changes for R19 vs Geelong

    Completely different prospect playing Geelong than Brisbane. Geelongs midfield are a daunting prospect especially with ours still weakened. If we cut off their short kicks and movement through the corridor though like we did last week, I actually think we could do the unthinkable and steal the win
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast R18 vs Brisbane & Changes for R19 vs Geelong

    This year we're really testing the depth. It might make for tough moments during the game when the young fellow stuff up but its amazing for our future and great for the coaches to figure out who can play and where they can play. I'm wrapped to see Stack back and showing great composure. Rioli...
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    Moved Thread Why do Victorian teams/fans exclude interstate teams from the banter?

    We all know supporters of the other teams that give us the rite royal shites so the rivalry is more personal.
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    List Mgmt. Club greats - time to say goodbye

    Until there are players that outperform them, they stay. Houli is the only one in that boat for mine. Jack and Cotch provide as much off the the field as on it. They are both our biggest leaders and drivers of our culture that has been the envy of all other clubs. The writing is definitely on...
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast R17 vs Collingwood & Changes for R18 vs Brisbane

    I think the rest of the year is going to be a free hit for the club in terms of giving game time to our developing players and seeing who will be on our list long term. I wouldn't bother bringing back in experienced players but rather give the premiership heroes a lengthy time to recover and...
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    3 reasons why we'll rebound in 2022

    Agree with everything said here. The easier draw will help as long as we don't have a situation like this year where some of the bottom 6 teams do a complete turn around it form. I think it will certainly assist our cause. The healthy list is a huge factor imho. Part of it is a product of age...
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    Is Richmond a genuine threat in 2021?

    This year is shot. I hope they play the kids and unearth some more gems in the process. We have a strong draft hand this year also, so next year I could see us leaping up the ladder once again with a better draw and refreshed list. Regardless though, its hard to be angry or upset with our...
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    Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

    I think we should trade CJ. He's at an awkward stage of his career where he needs an opportunity to grow into his role. With Lynch and Jack likely to remain as our two tall forwards for another few years, I think it is unlikely CJ would be happy to remain a backup to these two for that time...
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    Player Watch #44 Sydney Stack

    Looking back to 2019, Stack was a revelation. His form was based off the back of hard work, a timely reality check and his career on the line. 2021, Stack is entering the later part of the season with form built off the back of hard work, a timely reality check and his career on the line. If...