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  • Hi mate,

    I really need help with accounting practice set, have you done a practice set called ''Boab Art Gallery'' practice set? or something similar to this one. Please mate I really need help.
    Read from bottom up, my bad:
    Any website is fine, Pokerstars or Full Tilt poker are the two most popular and large on the internet. But I personally play on bwin.com which is on the OnGame network (network of about 20 sites combined on the one server) - the tables look the best and have some very soft games. Although the only good Tournaments/MTT's they have are on late at night/into the morning whereas Pokerstars has tournaments running 24/7 so that's probably the site for you. Hopefully that'll give you a quick help to get you started. If you need to ask anything else don't hesitate to ask, happy to help out. Also helps to post hand histories on the poker forum or to me and we can give you some advice and what not.
    Have you played much before or just starting out? I would recommend playing online at small stakes, say deposit $200 and try and manage your bankroll from there - the general rule is don't ever put more than 5% of you bankroll on the line at any one time - helps you combat the swings of poker as you'll go through patches of running good and running bad, this should help you ensure you never go broke. So try playing some $10 SNG's or MTT's, or playing some 5/10cent cash games.
    Agh, won't let me send a PM either, here's what I said:

    "Thinking of starting to play Poker online. What sites would you recommend? Also at this stage I'm probably not as into it as your (e.g. staying up all night playing qualifiers etc) but I would like to some stage though."
    Thanks mate

    Yeh my membership ran out yesterday which is why my PM box is full now, so have to renew that ASAP.

    The best site for free advice is: http://www.pokerlistings.com/poker-strategy-articles

    Just read through the articles and put them into practice on the tables, the more you play the better you'll get (obviously), but really the best way to improve is to just simply play.
    Hi Frantelle, please see ne thread re Didaka and maybe change your sig? Love your pic above.
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