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    News Walters and Frederick of Fremantle racially vilified on social media (stay on topic pls)

    I believe racism is a happenstance of human nature and then social conditioning can distort it and amplify it, IMO. Whitey appear to be the champs of it to me, and I'm a whitey btw. However, all races and all people are inherently guilty to some degree. It's unavoidably woven into the DNA in all...
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    News Walters and Frederick of Fremantle racially vilified on social media (stay on topic pls)

    FFS, what is wrong with people? Ya know, a lot of people often regret their angry, hurtful and obscene outbursts. I wonder what kind of person this guy really is? Has he just made the mistake of his life and perhaps is at a life-turning moment for him (and perhaps some well-earnt jail time)? Or...
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    Prediction 2022 Best 22 Teams and discussion

    Yeah, I think we're more potent with Logue forward too. I'd push NOD in for Colyer myself (on current form).
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    Mega Thread Miscellaneous Freo Discussion thread

    This has been Freo's best season since 2013, IMO. We should end this defeatest mindset where we're always panicking or worried about the next 'danger game'. The reality is, we'll be favourites for every remaining game in 2022, including against Melbourne at Optus. Further, the other teams...
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    Review Fremantle Defeat St. Kilda 111-70

    This free kick issue is a non-issue. We were lucky that Clarke wasn’t pinged and Saints were unlucky that Hill was. Double whammy. I can’t remember ever seeing a drop like that not being pinged - ever. If it scraped his foot, well blow me over with a feather. That used to be dropping the ball...
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    Prediction Round 15: Changes Vs Carlton + pre-match discussion

    Reckon Freo will win this game unless it buckets down again. We're just too methodical and JL knows how to make tweaks mid-game to adapt. On a separate note, I'm liking the positive talk around Hughes too. The next three weeks results will reveal who the real contenders are, IMO. Truth time.
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    Young player critics - does the media need to change tack?

    Nathan Buckley wrote the most important article of the year (to me) this week, when he criticised the media as a whole for the treatment of our latest #1 draft pick, of whom, is required to conform to a system of expectation from a variety of external forces - the club he joins, and the...
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    Mega Thread Non-Freo AFL Discussion 2022

    Yeah, reckon Melbs are going to drop out of the Top4 altogether, myself. Brisbane will be harder to beat than Pies so I’m pencilling in another loss there. They’re broken and they know it. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon too soon. The “daylight and then Melbourne” comments were made when they...
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    Injury Fremantle 2022 Injury Thread

    Poor Switta. I think he's the type of player we'll only get 12-16 weeks out of him each season, because of his fragility. Not his fault, and I'll be glad if he can just contribute a 60-80% season for the next seven or eight years, if thats all his body will allow. JL's Freo aint about any one...
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    Mega Thread Non-Freo AFL Discussion 2022

    Really luv Bucks for this refreshing and much needed perspective of a somewhat maligned youngster. Serves as a good reminder for all scribes, including many of us mere mortals who happily rip into young players, calling them all sorts of names on these forums and elsewhere. Bravo Bucks, we all...
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    List Mgmt. 2022 Young Talent Time

    IMO, Logue doesn't need to be all that accurate to be an effective and damaging forward. All he has to do is take the marks, or bring the ball to ground and rove it (as he already does), and feed it off to a small in space and let them kick the goals. I'm fully on the 'Logue as a forward'...
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    Toast Matthew Pavlich inducted to AFL Hall of Fame

    Oh Captain, my captain. Wonderful achievment from a stellar career. He helped bring legitamcy, relevance and respect to the club. Thank you Pav, and warmest of congratulations.
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    Opinion Former federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg tipped to become next AFL CEO. (Edit: He was never approached)

    Vic nuffies are hard to get too, sometimes. The comp has been "AFL" since 1990. Thought "Australian" means "Australian" doesn't it? Since 1990, in what way is it a "Victorian league"? And what teams, if any, ever wanted to join a "Vic league"?
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    Opinion Former federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg tipped to become next AFL CEO. (Edit: He was never approached)

    I wonder if he'll donate 40 billion to Carlton and then blame someone else for it? Amazed that a failed treasurer with a highly questionable skillset and level of competency is even being considered. I wonder how divided he can make the entire AFL community with his special brand of...