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  • ahem...how are you enjoying tennis at the moment? rafa number 1 by a long shot. Isnt he supposed to be retired? oh btw 9-2 in slams and 23-10.I think you know by now who is the real GOAT :)
    Rafa is 27, and number 1, 13 out of the 14 tournament finals, 2 slams, 5 masters!!! according to you he should have been retired by now?? lol i hope you are enjoying the REAL GOAT in action.
    VFL expanded into AFL but the flags you have are VFL not AFL.Thanks for coming. Have you realised that you are no longer in a state competition?? you might been in the biggest league but it was still a STATE competition.You dont need to a rocket scientist for that...anyway...lol lets talk footy when u win a real flag shall we? till then enjoy the nadal dominance :)
    i am banned from general forums so i cant post, thought i would just tell you, your ridiculous comments about Rafa will never beat nole outside of clay has been answered. Please dont take ridiculous comments in the future, it doesnt do any good to your credibility. Rafa is playing better tennis than anyone at the moment, accept it, he is only going to get better from here, win against karlovic, roddick and Nole on grass in 3 days is as good as it gets. VAMOS!
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