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  • Gangsta I am under a yellow it is not a matter of "clearing my box" normally as BFSC I can have up to a 1000 and there are some gems i don't want to delete....

    I can't PM till 28/08 * sigh* sorry!

    Gave Reepy a proper serve... dunno ... butTLC closed down soon after!
    I got a minor infraction, so didn't escape but lucky not to get a red.
    Nice. I'm doing a double major in Philosophy and Sustainable Development at Murdoch. Have been doing it for ages. Know enough to be doing Honours etc. just a matter of getting through the next year with the same marks. And nah, never heard of that name actually. A link would be great.

    Hoping to be getting into post grad after next year. But working for myself has held me back a lot.
    Hey GD it might be best to not go and put your foot in the bay13 thread and derail it with your constant debate. I agree with what you are saying but look you will probably get given a nasty reward.
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