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  • I don't know. Psychology's my guess, but he definitely did one the day after QB.
    Yeah love the sport. Only got into it in the last couple of years though. Never miss a race now (unless footy intervenes).

    As if you're doing Lit in year 11!!! I struggle enough with English...
    Oh and nah don't have any unit 3 mid years. Pre happy :) what unit 3 subject you doin?
    Yeah I don't mind it haha. Why do you ask?

    Yeah not too bad. Just school n sh*t.. You? I've probably been on probably once in 12 months. Shithole of a site besides a couple.

    I've put it in the hands of the Admin. They move pretty quickly so it shouldn't take long to fix.

    Sure was. 2012, year 10 now? Don't think I'd know many people that young haha. Maybe brothers or sisters of people :p
    haha cheers mate. as you probably read in one of the threads im doing russian revs at uni this semester and it just seemed appropriate
    I didn't say anything to the Mods mate, but I do know they are cracking down on crap in the polls board.
    Haha sounds good man. good luck ! :)

    And yeah, I'll be copping A LOT. It's very rare where I'm from that you see a Melbourne supporter. Everyone's Sydney this Sydney that. The swans are on the tele EVERY week, so the only time i'm happy is when they're playin the Dees :p
    Yeah it is good experience, like now I sorta know the work that has to be put in and stuff.

    How you reckon the dees will go tommorow? :D
    Well, you'd be surprised at the extent of the music/pub scene for a small country town like the one I live in. The band I play in had been playing for a good 2 years before I joined them. The previous bass player left and I knew the guys in the band so they asked if I wanted to play with them, been great so far, that was about a year and a half ago I joined. Well, the band was allready pretty popular when I joined, so we've never really had trouble getting gigs.

    All the band members are older than me too lol our lead guitarist has been playing for years and years, he's late 40's. But he's an amazing guitarist. Singer and new drummer are similar ages, while I'm 17. Bit lame being in a Pub nearly for every gig and everyone coming up and asking my age lol
    They are amazing live, seen em three times and they have never dissapointed. Yeah play in a band, play around the local scene, and travel around other suburbs as well, we're in the process of getting a new drummer so we havent done many gigs of late. Plus HSC is in the way for me atm.
    Aww nice. Last time I saw em was last year at Hisence Arena, they're such a good live band. One of my favs too.

    Um, double bass maybe 3 years. I play the electric a bit more now days because of bands and stuff. The logistics of moving a double bass around is a bit complicated, they're heavy as lol
    you like TLE? some of those covers are relatively old, havent had time to do anymore of late. And plus my pick-up on it is broken fml.

    Go dees.
    I can't remove a poll from a thread. I can only edit it to add or remove new options.
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