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    Official: James Hird at Giants

    I think Campbell and Cameron oversaw the Davis, Coniglio tied vote debacle leading into 2019. Cronk didn’t get a chance to mess things up until the end of 2019, by which time Coniglio was likely locked in as skipper as part of his new contract. It would be amazing if Hird could help the leaders...
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    Preview Pre-Season 2022

    He’s going to be hard to stop. Perhaps inspired by James Hird? Or the possibility of being used in the ruck again?
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    Analysis Giants captaincy - where to from here?

    It was reported that Cogs knocked back co-captaincy in 2019 and that he felt his style of leadership was suited to sole captaincy. If that’s true, his thinking will need to have evolved for him to be part of a successful group of 3 co-captains in 2022. I agree 3 is a good outcome in this situation.
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    Preview Pre-Season 2022

    I like him at halfback too, however for team balance he may be better on a wing and delivering the ball inside 50.
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    Prediction 2022 GWS Best 22 - your opinion

    Agreed. My reply was in regard to him playing in the forward pocket. He brings plenty to the midfield.
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    Prediction 2022 GWS Best 22 - your opinion

    We might have thought the same of Idun 12 months ago. Some of the young blokes need to make big steps and establish themselves. I’m predicting one will be Brown. He is a great athlete and has been on a steep upward trajectory. Maybe a few players take big steps and there is hot competition for...
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    Prediction 2022 GWS Best 22 - your opinion

    Sure it’s a reach, however: Daniels has kicked 7 goals in 29 games 2020/21. Not good enough. Should improve his tank and move to the midfield. Hill doesn’t contribute enough. His highlights are outstanding, but needs to do more. Lloyd is good, but a lesser version of Perryman, who I’d play...
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    Prediction 2022 GWS Best 22 - your opinion

    B: Idun, Taylor, Davis HB: Cumming, Haynes, Whitfield C: O’Halloran, Green, Ash HF: Brown, Himmelberg, Greene F: Taranto, Hogan, Flynn R: Preuss, Hopper, Kelly IC: Ward, Perryman, Bruhn, Stone
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    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    Agree. Hopefully Daniels can stay on the park and learn to take his chances better. I like Perryman forward. Smart, good overhead and a good shot. Also provides a hard edge. Helpful with Toby in the stand.
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    AFL Grand Final All things Preliminary Finals & Grand Final 2021

    Would hate for Tomlinson to miss out on a flag due to injury. Dislike Cats and Dogs. That leaves Port, who have a nice combination of toughness and speed.
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    Oppo Camp Non Giants AFL discussion

    You’re right. The club has done really well. The only other one I’d have loved to keep, but wasn’t such high profile, was Nathan Wilson. Not much we could have done about him going.
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    Analysis Giants captaincy - where to from here?

    Completely agree. Shouldn’t be VC either.
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    Unofficial Preview Elimination Final : Changes against The Swans - University Of Tas - Saturday 15:20

    Great looking team. I’d prefer to see Bruhn get a run, but understand why they’d want Reid to help out with the threats of Papley and Heeney. MDB maybe lucky with Cogs and Ash capable of lock down roles. He’s a hard nut though and should have an impact.
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    Analysis Giants captaincy - where to from here?

    When the Giants were really good on field a few years ago, in addition to the 2 captains on field leadership they had Shaw and Johnson organising defense and attack. Maxwell was another on field organiser for a while. I reckon there’s an opportunity for stronger on field organisers to support...