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  • Not to sure. Looked through the teams for all the Glenorchy teams that played in the 86 Grand Finals and couldn't see his name. My dad says he played for Glenorchy I think so he could be right.
    hey i found out about your youtube and MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND UPLOAD IT AGAIN!!!! umm please or email at
    Mate how are you?

    I have located all of my Devils footage that I have. I have edited clips going back to 2001>2008.

    I have full games that I have filmed (about 5-6 per year) through to highlights clips of the season.

    The highlights clips is what I would think you would be interested in.

    The question is how much do you want to spend on all this?

    Some of the footage is on DVD so its easy to do a copy and mate I am happy to make these say $20 a pop.

    There is some footage on mini DVD that would need to be transferred but that's not that hard so what's the budget old son?



    The question is how much do you want to spend
    Welcome Gibbke, a big fan of your youtube movies! Love the Tassie Tigers and Hawthorn stuff on there!
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