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    Player Watch Corey Warner - young Blood Brother

    Can you imagine 4 of them playing together. The BT dad jokes would be almost unbearable. I’ll take a stab. “You have been 4warned”, “what a show by the Warner brothers”, and after they kick the winning goal, “well that’s all folks”
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    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    gee I wish we could unbold,delete,insert someone else
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    Player Watch Angus Sheldrick - welcome to the Bloods

    I hear you brother. I also suffered from premature Kojakulation.
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    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Feeling good about the draft and even more so about picking up Ladhams, reckon we did ok.
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    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Warner Bros - should be great viewing
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    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Really annoys me that no matter who we pick, will say it’s a surprise or shock or try to make out we don’t know what we’re doing like we’re newcomers still feeling our way. Vic bias at its worse. if tHis Johnson is so great, why didn’t anyone else take him ? It was almost like they...
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    Disrespectful Dees?

    They truly were Tulip. The bit I appreciated the most was how they all recognised how the bounce of the ball, the rub of the green and the sound of the whistle seemed to go their way that day. One of the most gracious group of supporters on big footy. Kudos 👏
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    News Swans Talk in the Media: 2021

    Pretty shrewd character, I like the ‘ take the best player‘ approach even if not preferred position.
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    Player Watch #22 Nick Blakey

    Does anyone have the inside goss on how his recovery is going ? Really really really hoping he loses none of his electrifying pace or confidence next year. A crucial cog in the swans machine.
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    Which all time game of AFL would you like to show our RL counterparts how great Aussie Rules is?

    This is a really good summary Passenger. 👍 League’s heyday was before super league when there were genuine 50/50 contests eg scrum, rake the ball. Now it’s the big units hit the ball up for 5 tackles and the little guy kicks on the 6th. Lose possession lose the game, bit like touch footy. The...
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    Opinion Best ever moment as a Swans fan

    wasn’t it just! Was at the Aussie rules club in the cross - great atmosphere. few of us got our ugly mugs on TV that night.
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    First club to 17 premierships?

    don’t think I’m the Lone Ranger in this one champ. 1808 replies, 73 pages and counting in the Umpiring / royal commission thread. You guys need to capitalise on the ‘umpiring to gift a premiership‘ window before it closes. We saw what happened in the grannie when they put the whistle away...
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    Disrespectful Dees?

    2021 is way better than 2016*. #freekickbulldogs.
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    First club to 17 premierships?

    It’s easily the Dogs. You see Matt Stevic still has 15 years in him until retirement.
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    Prediction Player breakout predictions for your club.

    There’s this older dude that plays for the swans. Some opp supporters don’t rate him but I Reckon he could be a star one day. Just needs to get a 1000 goals under his belt first.