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  • it wasnt your pick just then. you're not up for ages. im gonna delete it so people dont see who you picked.
    BFFFL - It's your pick again straight after drd remember, so PM me a pair of picks possibly if you won't be online very long.
    Hey Goedy. PMed this to everyone but your inbox was full. make sure you clear out some space when you get a chance. Thanks mate. Here's the message:

    Hi all,
    With the end of the lockout looming we are getting onto setting up the league. I'm sending the message out to everyone even if you have already responded.

    If your staying in the league or going out, either way, please let me know ASAP as we're behind a bit already. Either (or both) PM me or post in the BFFFL Thread.

    Also, I'm stepping down or a least diminishing my role as LM this year so if your interested in taking over or helping out let me know by PM or in the thread. ST and BPG have already put their hand up but feel free to volunteer.

    Hope we can have another fun filled year and good luck to all.

    hey, congratualtions on the victory in UltimateFooty
    You may of won by ~70 but I won on the scoreboard 19.12.126 to 12.11.83 :D
    wow. You beat a flu hit Crows squad while your own team had a ride by umpires. the saints are just soooooooooooo good :rollseyes:

    this is where im gonna annoy people if they annoy me on the American Football board
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