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  • G'day mate,

    Apologies for missing Friday's deadline — I've been an active member on BF since October and I only just noticed that we have a tipping comp running.

    Is there any chance that I could please join this year's comp?

    I'd also love to help out wherever needed.

    Hi GB
    Just thought I'd drop you a line and ask if you were intending to organise another Carlton Board knockout tipping comp this year? The last couple of years have been pretty awesome fun (even if I was knocked out first round last time!)
    Lol - no worries. It's a bit each way I reckon with the supporters.

    All the best for the rest of the season.
    Are you really a stupid flog or is it all just fun and games? Because from where I am sitting you appear to be just a fraction on the simple side.

    By your own commentary you expect to get bundled out of the finals earlier than Hawthorn but somehow have a greater chance of winning the flag.

    And you call my post "ironic." Wow.
    Really enjoy your posting. It's hard to be as rational as you are whilst maintaining your club allegiance. :thumbsu:
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