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  • Hey mate, TBD is trolling us about not getting a fair deal. It's pick 4 plus Aish or see you later. Make sure you ram this home champ.
    Hi buddy. I just want to throw my support behind you in regards to the debate on the Some Fixtures That Need To Happen In 2014 thread. It is frustrating when you try to get a point across to people who refuse to listen. I understand what you were saying.
    if you are on a diet, but encourage your children to eat dinner, are you 'eating vicariously' through them?

    we guide or kids, we hope we know what is best. all you can do is put what ever they are suited to in front of them, and encourage them to give it a go. if you dont do that, you fail as a parent. have you failed HBF? and i thought you were a Master.......
    Yeah too easy hbf. Get to it when you have the time. Are you going to the ANZAC Day game while you are down?
    I hadn't realised it was that much. Otherwise I would have saved it for a masterful post on the bay rather than an inane comment on the fantasy football board. Damn.
    No offense to the pies but if I had to play you, Saints or Geelong first week of finals, I'd play you guys every day of the week.

    Don't mind the Pies though, rather them than Saints or Geelong again.

    No worries.
    Nice win by your lot on the weekend. Too bad next time we play you it is our turn to win.
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