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    Universal Love R.I.P Thaihawk

    Thaihawks comments and memories will be greatly missed by many including me - Rest in Peace my fellow Hawk supporter - one day when we all catch up let us all share the great memories that our beloved Hawks have given us
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    Like WTF - The Eagles have poached the lyrics from the Hawks Club Song

    Seriously great compliment to the Hawks that they used our lyrics for an article on their website
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    How many grand finals has your team played in and won in your lifetime?

    Apparently my side has been in 18 Grand Finals since I was born but I can only remember 17. Of that 17 I have been lucky to see my beloved Hawk win 12 and loose 5 Best part of that I have been to 7 Grand Finals - 1988, 1989, 1991, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015. Sadly I was sick in 2012 so based on...
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    Geelong for the flag in 2018?

    Hmmm - Cyril Rioli rarely has more than 15 touches per game - however he can turn a game on its head with his efforts - Cackatoo is a long way off being as good as Cyril with his few touches
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    Geelong for the flag in 2018?

    I dont often comment in these type of threads but hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - omg i was laughing so hard i wet my pants hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - now i just shit myself i was laughing...
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    Who will be the hidden star at your club this year?

    This thread really relates to Hawthorns draft picks from recent history - recent history being Brad Hill (2011 draft pick 33) Ryan Burton (2015 draft pick 19 - 1st round) - ignored by many due to his broken leg but was touted to be a top 5 pick before this injury James Sicily (2013 draft pick 56...
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    Will Shaun Burgoyne complete a rare 'trifecta' on retiring?

    Seriously - not being a Port legend and life member - if he was at Richmond he will already be a legend and life member after 1 premiership
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    Training Training Reports - Current report, Monday 13th February, Post #1427

    I remember we had a player that was always the slowest in all long distant running drills - in fact this person was so slow some of his team mates used to joke about it - now if the club decided not to select him based on his long distant running ability we would not have had one of the best...
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    Training Training Reports - Current report, Monday 13th February, Post #1427

    Ice cream - what Ice cream
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    Universal Love Positives of finally having GF week off...

    Now as can be seen on an earlier post I plan to save a fortune - each Grand Final has on average cost me about $5000 to attend (and I didn't pay for accommodation) so my bank account will look a little healthier. This year, well it has been about 5 years since I have taken my daughter to the...
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    Universal Love Positives of finally having GF week off...

    2013 - got mine from a mate in Melbourne yeah and went to the best and fairest, 2014 - got mine from the AFL website - cost a fortune but worth it and went to the best and fairest, 2015 got from a friend who had a spare Gold Membership and went to the best and fairest - each year I drove over as...
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    If we missed out on the grand final what would you do?

    Simple answer - drive to Broome for a well earned rest.
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    Great "steals" of all time

    CMON - the greatest steal of all times - Trent Croad to Freo for Hodge and then he returns to Hawthorn for a deck of cards only to star again That is a steal
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    Official Club Stuff Official Hawthorn Club Account on Big Footy

    I appreciate and thankyou for your reply however I think, given that the new season has not started and the amount of negative reviews the new collection is receiving from supporters that the club should consider withdrawing or renaming the product before the AGM. By doing this the club could...
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    2015 jumper changes.

    The club must be realistic - the media polo - the stuff the players wear when on TV representing the club must be brown and gold - for that is Hawthorns colours - simple solution if they want the return of the blue - introduce an Addidas Casual Range - I may buy both then - wear the media polo...
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