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  • Someone's got a new spellchecker!!!!

    Seriously though - great stuff HH - it makes your posts so much more enjoyable and easier to read when you make the effort.

    The shorthand sort of does my head in, so well done.
    Nah, no worries. My job to sort out, if in doubt just PM me and I'll do it straight up.
    Leave those posters baiting you alone on the murphy thread - I'll take care of them.
    Hello, i noticed a few weeks ago that we have quite similair user names. I did not think it would be an issue as i did not really intend to post much or at all. However, recently i have made a few posts. since you have been here a lot longer than me, i will change my username if you want.

    Also, do you have any idea how to do this lol, i have looked into it but cannot find anything, is the only way to create another account?
    Haha cheers mate. It's not exactly something I'm worried about, just found it a bit strange how quickly some Hawk Supporters turn on their Premiership players.
    I guess coming to Essendon has a fair bit to do with it :p.
    No worries, nothing like a bit of robust discussion :D

    Besides, if I was a Hawthorn supporter right at the moment i'd probably be breaking things ;)
    Thanks for that, I know you lot aren't all like that. I know every board has their idiots. :) Bad luck on the loss today, really thought you'd beat Port the way you've been playing lately. It will be a interesting few weeks ahead to see what happens.
    Hey, it only took me 9 months to see that message :).... but yeh, its a non gender specific problem, some people just do not know how to drive safely.
    Hey mate, what do you do for a livin? Just noticed that you said you'd been booked for a birthday... just wondering, in what capacity mate...?
    IF Geelong win two in a row they are up there as one of the greatest teams of all. But only with concurrent flags will they earn that claim. It is hard to back up for a second year in a row...........
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