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    Urgent umpiring overhaul needed.

    2 of Essendon's goals were from bullshit frees (Guelfi, Baguley) so no sympathy for them.
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    Opinion The 2019 game plan. Normal service restored @rd5.

    Our supposed superstar midfield ain’t clicking. Grundy dominates the hit outs each week yet we are getting smashed in the clearances. The look soft tbh, we need Sier back in the team
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    Moved Thread Kayo Sports

    Will there be an app for LG smart tv's released? Seems a bit behind the times having to use a chromecast in the era of smart tv's. Will definitely sign up if there is
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    NO cakewalk

    Should be “Tough fought game where the boys dig deep, give 110%, stick to the structures and play the way we want to play” instead. Rolls off the tongue
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    WCE or Melbourne, who would you prefer we play?

    Leaning towards west coast so we get the home ground advantage. Reckon that was the difference in the qualifying final. Whoever we play I hope we go in with underdog status but I doubt that will be the case after last nights performance
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    MVP Didaka Medal Prelim win over goodbye tigers

    5. Sidebottom. Has had a god like finals series so far 4. Cox 3. Adams 2. Grundy 1. Langdon
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    Toast Dear Richmond Football Club

    Suck it campaigners. Never seen more arrogance on bigfooty than Richmond of 2018. Glad we could put them in their place
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    MVP Didaka Medal - Collingwood Semi Final v Hapless Giants

    5. Sidebottom 4. De Goey 3. Maynard 2. Howe 1. Langdon
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    Opinion Insults / Modding / Free speech / etc / etc

    It’s a shame to read bad horse no longer posts here, was one of the very best posters on this board
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    Opposition Camp Finals Week 1 Everyone Else

    Weidemann :'( if only there was a grandfather son rule
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    Opinion Insults / Modding / Free speech / etc / etc

    Man this stuff grinds my gears. Trolling people anonymously is so gutless. Some people have no empathy whatsoever for others That black mirror episode about trolling was scarily accurate
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    Opinion Insults / Modding / Free speech / etc / etc

    This is spot on. I generally enjoy reading the topics on this board however the game day thread is the exception. I haven't read it often as I am usually at or watching the games but the times I have logged on it is full of the same old people abusing players, the coach, the club and generally...
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    Player Watch Jack Madgen

    This rookie draft could go down of one of Hine's finest. Seems to be a return to the glory days when we picked up long term players like Blair, Wellingham, O'Brien etc as rookies. Even if they don't all go on to have long careers to pick up Mihocek, Madgen and Appleby who have all played senior...
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    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    The roof, the roof the roof is on Sier
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    Opposition Camp Carlton worst season in 122 years: Shiel would rather drive with Jimmy Buckley than fly with SOS

    Looking forward to them panicking over the off season and trying to buy ready made players again forgetting all about the first rebuild in the clubs history that Bolton keeps crapping on about
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