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  • Agreed about Sidebottom; I do have a feeling he will slip. I hope he comes to us. If we still go tall with our first round we can then maybe get Heyne (doubt he'll be available) as he is identical to Sidebottom, just not as skilled.

    Hmm.. I think Johnston could drop to our 2nd rounds as he is pretty underrated. Im not sold on him either; but alot of people dont rate him, which could cause him to slip. I would rather a Trengove if we were to go tall.

    Yeah same, we seem to like the same people :D
    Stevens will take Bassets spot for sure, and Petrenko will take Massies. I would love to get Jarred Post with our 3rd rounder (if we dont get Trengove that is), a developing defender whos built pretty well, even though we have Kite coming through.

    I think Schoenmakers could still be around, but I doubt it. I would cross a line through his name if lets say we got Trengove/Johnston with our 1st rounder, I would much rather go for a midfielder.

    Yeah im a fan of O'keefe too, but IMO I think we may have more of a chance getting Suban then him. He's over taken him.

    I hope we go best available too. Im keen on Mitch Brown in one of our rounds if we dont get a KP with our 1st pick.

    I have heard that Crows are thinking about Davis with pick 10? Pfttt.. thats unbelievable! He could easily still be around with our 2nd round .. but like you said he is over looked in mock drafts.. we'll just have to wait and see :)
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