Nov 27, 2000
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Frank Grey Smith Bar
Watch Dog

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    1. Dipper
      You need to recruit a few faces for the Allies, looks like they're getting going soon.
    2. pacemaker
      Ddon't forget your a West Coast Wonder. Come and have a post when your online :)
    3. peterss
      Hey Mate

      Are you still interested in joining a side?

      The Geelong Gumbies would absolutely love your services....And the FB/CHB and ruck position would be guarenteed for you aswell as dont have anyone for those positions yet.

      I tried contacting you the day after you expressed interest in joining a side but your inbox was full...so hers hoping its been emptied now :D

      Hope to hear from you soon

      Geelong Gumbies Vice Captain.
    4. okeydoke7
      I would also like to give you a write-up about why you should join our club, the Mount Buller Demons (Team thread easily the most active in the league). However, I much prefer to work with a PM. Before you make your decision, please let me know that you have some space in your inbox so I can have a chat with you. I don't want to offend young peterss, who dislikes it when I have something negative to say about his gumbies. They are named after a green rubber man. The Demons are a highly active team, with many many young recruits who love it there. The rest of the competition don't seem to love us as much. But that is fantasy footy, it is all about the banter :)
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    5. peterss
      Hello Hilly.

      Our club has been notified of your intention to play for a BF fantasy footy league side next season.

      We would be delighted to have you join our club if you would like.

      We had a fairly dissapointing last season in terms of ladder position but our last half of the season was definately something to build on for this season with some good wins, some close losses and players palying for the shirt.

      We are looking to build a side this season with some quality posters and ones who we know will visit the league's forum often and post in our team thread aswell as match threads.

      And with you stating you would like a key back position or a spot in the ruck we definately have those spots available at the moment.

      We would be delighted if you join our side so consider this a contract offer for next season - We will leave it up to you to accept or not.

      Please let me know of your decision via PM.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Geelong Gumbies Vice-Captain.
    6. footyfreak
      ah i see you got a holiday? Where are you going? Gold Coast?
    7. Treleven2Crawshay
      you barick for Norf LOL!
    8. tribey
      Alan Thicke ftw
    9. Thewlis Dish
      Thewlis Dish
      I see McNair has been visiting your profile page again.
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