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  • Hahaa okkk :p

    OMG thursdayy wohh!

    My DT is going awesome.. but I need to know weather I should get Dalziell or Crossy...

    Hows yours going :)?
    Omg Ed, sorry I forgot to congratulate the Hawkkaazzz.

    You fav player Dew should of got the Norm Smith heyy!?

    And i couldnt help letting the tears out when Crawf got his medal :)
    Oh yeah and Hodgey, man i wish we had him at the Crows, he is so brave.

    Wasnt Chance apparently carrying and injury against the Saints?
    Well.. he did an awesome job anyway :thumbsu:
    Hey no probs.. I guess :D
    Well, well, well, i'll be chearing you on in my couch at home. I really hope you get over the Cats. Cats are all up themselves and shit and im starting to really like hawks :)
    So who do you want at Hawks now? Mitch Robinson will go around the 20 mark, it would suprise me if he went top 10.
    Im really starting to get into the draft heaps so once again, thanks for them DVDS :)

    Ohh there not to crap seats. But ones near the front would be super!
    Ed.. why arnt you replying to me :(

    So give me your top 10 right now.. on the spot!

    OMG and good luck for the Grand Finalll!
    Haha thats ok.
    Well I have to go now but I cant go on 2moz night because im sleeping over my friends house soo...

    I rekon Ablett SHOULD win the brownlow but Bartel might take over..

    Who do you rekon will win?

    About those under 18 things i think I sent you a PM about it but anyways what info do I have to send you??

    Again say thanks to Mike and what games are on it!!

    Um...we should get it fixed soon. Aparently it could be up to 2400 bux to fix :O Mum really doesnt want to do it but I need to due to like homework and stuff.

    You can PM me if ya like :)
    Soz mate her msn doesnt work :(
    Anyways when my comp gets fixed we can have a chat :)

    I got 1939 this week or something. Knocked out of the elim by 20 points :(
    I love the Hoff is a dyke.

    Sorry i havent been online for like a year..my comp is stuffed!
    Im at my friends house now.

    Ill katcha ya around OH and Hawkaz first loss for the season OUCH!

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