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    Preview Round 14, 2021: Hawthorn v Essendon @ UTAS, Sun 3:20PM

    Funnily enough Worpel was tackled head first into the ground by Mills in a similar tackle. (13.33 left in Q2) Tough as nails seems to have saved Mills a suspension.
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    Autopsy Were the Brisbane v Geelong and Richmond v West Coast games the best two games of the season thus far?

    Tigers V Eagles was everything I hope to see on Grand Final day, clearly the two best teams. Despite the close finish, I didn't rate the Lions V Cats game anywhere near a game of the season.
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    Autopsy AFL 2019 Round 20: North Melbourne v Hawthorn, 19:50 AEST Marvel Stadium. NM win 86-64

    Haha Scott Thompson, try rough him up a little more. Destroying you already!
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    2019 premiers - if not your team, who?

    If not my team, I always look for the most deserving that I could happily live with winning. Not the flash in the pan teams for mine. Richmond for me.
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    Autopsy AFL 2019 Round 18: Brisbane Lions vs. North Melbourne, 7:25pm AEST Gabba

    Bad luck North, absolutely robbed all night by the umps. This is the exact reason I don't follow the game wholeheartedly anymore, no idea what's going on with rules and umps.
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    Autopsy AFL 2019 Round 18: Adelaide v Essendon, 7:20pm ACST Adelaide Oval

    Crows just don't want it, soft tackling cost them badly.
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    Coach Fyfe isn't the first player to be 'bumped and bruised' off the ball, and he won't be the last...So why the outrage from Lyon?

    Had a good laugh listening to Ross and reading what Fyfe said about Hawthorn. Weak as p!ss, both of them. No wonder the state of that club.
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    Ablett this time a punch gotta get a suspension for that

    LOL the old 'clean record'. That's 3 weeks in a row now this gutless sniper should have suspended. Beyond laughable now.
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    Round 8 Discussion (Dedicated to the Roughead out, Roughead in manoeuvre)

    2286, Ross on field hurt me. However midfield cash generation is farkkkked. Ross, Atkins, Scott and Hayes. Fyfe to be suspended.
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    Round 8 Discussion (Dedicated to the Roughead out, Roughead in manoeuvre)

    Just traded him in this week, makes sense he'd get himself suspended. :thumbsdown: Surely will go for that.
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    Round 8 Discussion (Dedicated to the Roughead out, Roughead in manoeuvre)

    Can't wait to trade him out after his Bye, in comes a legitimate midfielder like Boak or Mundy.
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    AFL 2019 Round 8: Sydney v Essendon, 7:50pm AEST SCG

    Massive brain fade, should have cost them the game. Very lucky man! Good win Swans, liked the look of some of the youngsters there.
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    Round 7 Discussion (dedicated to Andrew Birch)

    Wish I had done the same in the first place, almost annoying now to have O'Brien on the bench.
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    AFL 2019 Round 7: Melbourne v Hawthorn, Sat 1:45PM MCG

    Two bottom four teams, terrible football.
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    Round 8 Trades

    Was worried Rocky would be stuck forward with the Gray injury, that's exactly what happened. Cripps fine, but with Oliver and Cogs only averaging 100. My mid-price mids like Rocky, BCrouch and possibly Libba need to go to the Neale, Fyfe and Macrae types sooner of later. I'm Leaking points in...