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  • Thanks mate for the compliments. I'm on a path from information --> to knowledge ---> to wisdom. Still have a way to go, but the first part I have a good handle on.
    My mate D_One about 15 years ago called me an information junkie. I seek out info, collect it and store. Since I was a kid I could watch TV, read the paper and listen to the radio at the same time. Now with the internet and google I can find 90% of what I want within a short space of time. I down load lots of annual reports from organisations and government reports and actually read them from start to finish. It helps i have a good memory. Knowing something about everything is part of my job - I work in technology development and infrastructure project management - well I'm working on the smell of an oily rag until our funding comes through. Then we can develop and build all these things we have looked at for 7 years.
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