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    Player Watch #37: Kyron Hayden -

    I hate that when he gets the ball we have the usual suspects lining up for a sideways or backwards pass. I love that he ignores them and looks for a forward option. More of this mentality please.
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    MVP Votes v dogs

    LMac -3 Taylor - 2 Tarrant - 1
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    Autopsy Roos lose to the Dogs

    Everytime they start handpassing it backwards you just know the opposition is going to score a goal. We don't have the basic skills to hit a target by hand or foot. Courageous and "tough" is no match for skill and composure. Hayden gets the ball at half back and he kicks the ball to a dangerous...
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    MVP Votes v Hawthorn

    Walker 3 Goldy 2 Higgo 1
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    Preview Round 4: Changes and prematch discussion vs Hawthorn

    I would not be dropping a player who is getting into the right position, having a few shots at the goals, linking up effectively and running right to the end of the game over players who are not getting possessions, not beating their man and otherwise not having an impact on the game. I am happy...
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    Preview Round 4: Changes and prematch discussion vs Hawthorn

    Shannon Watt sends his regards
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    MVP Votes vs Swans

    3 - Simpkin, really great to see him coming of age 2 - Goldy 1 - Hall, glad he could pick up some of the slack when Higgo and Polec were limited. He kicks those goals and we could have pinched it. He has some class about him.
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    Preview Round 4: Changes and prematch discussion vs Hawthorn

    Hayden got caught a few times trying to be a bit too cute, and got his pants pulled down by some of the best forwards in the league. but that is good learning for the kid. When he did get the ball in hand his delivery was superb. Remember Cunners gets caught from time to time trying to break a...
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    MVP Votes vs GWS

    3 - Polec 2 - Tarrant criminally underrated how important his job was 1 - Goldy
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    GWS best midfield ever. Wasn't Collingwood's midfield last year the best midfield ever? 5.7 37 to 11.15 81 #underated
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    Autopsy AFL 2020 R2 Pies V Tigers Thursday 11th 7:40pm AEST (MCG) Teams Announced

    I don't have any answers but to produce a rugby type score in an AFL game does not seem to showcase the best of our game by a longshot. I wonder what percentage of scores in regular games comes from later in each quarter?
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    News NMFC AFLW 2020

    It doesn't even clash with their season. The girls are here in their off-season getting fitter and more skillful and being paid for it whereas atm home they get sfa. I guarantee someone is making money in Ireland but it isn't the players.
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    Opinion The Great Roo Cull - 4 years on. How do you feel now?

    Boomer should have played one more season. Spud was done. Dal Santo was done. Petrie could have stayed on at minimum wage and match payments and I think it would not have hurt the list. We really don't know what happened behind closed door but it certainly was ugly the way it played out in public
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    News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread II

    In Shanghai they explained the situation and everyone just went "ok" and put on masks, shut up businesses and closed the schools. I guess they had a taste of SARS and knew how bad it could get. People are compliant here, that's for sure, but the result in Shanghai is that the worst has past...
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    News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread II

    Update from Shanghai, China. I went out on Saturday night and couldn't get a seat in any of my local restaurants. All packed with queues of people waiting out the front. Districts are offering travelling vouchers to get people moving again. There are expected to be 80 Million travellers in China...

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