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    MVP Round 19, 2021 | Votes vs Carlton

    Thomas - 3 Larkey - 2 Simpkin - 1 Just want to highlight a couple of lower profile players who didn't get in the votes but definitely did more than their job. Dumont was massive. Loved Turner's work on Betts. Goldy gave silver service to our mids. Gee when Phillips got his hands on the ball he...
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    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson

    Just in case it hasn't been mentioned enough on here, thank you Bucks and Collingwood.
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    Preview 2021 AFL National Draft

    Pretty sure Kelly's management have made us look like complete fools several times to the rest of the footballing world in order to maximise what they could get from GWS.
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    Player Watch #5: Curtis Taylor

    I think he is a ripper, just needs to tidy up some of his kicking, really butchered it a few times on Monday. Don't mind if he goes back to the twos or stays in the ones, whatever Nobes thinks is the best way to fast-track his development.
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    MVP Votes vs West Coke

    3- Stevo 2 - Walker 1 - Cunners
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    Player Watch #18: Shaun Atley -

    Lloyd was a dog of a player, would happily cut off a team-mate to make sure he got the goal.
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    Player Watch #18: Shaun Atley -

    Shannon Watt says hi
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    Training Training Thread - News & Live Reports II

    I thought Captain's run was if the captain can get up from a hangover from the pre-game pissup, then everyone should be able to keep up.
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    List Mgmt. Josh Kelly to North II

    Assuming Giants will try to ream us for our first round pick in order to get any kind of deal done, would we prefer J. Kelly in his remaining years or Horne?
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    MVP Votes vs Dogs - Rd16 2021

    Cunners - 3 Goldy - 2 Zhurhaar -1
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    Player Watch #37: Kyron Hayden - signs one year contract extension - Roo until end 2021

    Anyone know what happened to Kyron on the weekend? Didn't play VFL or AFL. Did he get injured in the warm-up?
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    Autopsy Autopsy vs Gold Coast - Round 15, 2021

    Support the club, buy an international roo membership and get every match via watchafl.
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    Autopsy Autopsy vs Gold Coast - Round 15, 2021

    That's a significant amount of hang time.
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    MVP Votes v Suns

    3 - Simpkin 2 - Larkey 1 - Cunnington