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  • Hey :) Belgium has been good, it's been lovely looking around, though I don't have a lot of freedom to decide where to go because most of my time here in Europe is already planned out due to various conferences and the like. I won't be making it to Germany, but I was in Madrid on the night that Spain beat the Germans to get into the World Cup Final and the place was absolutely crazy, people were packing the streets, and there were horns and sirens and shouting everywhere for literally the whole night.

    Europeans do seem to love Australians, though not as much as the Americans from my experience :D But everyone is very cool, and I'm impressed at how many people speak English as a second language, considering I have never had any success at learning other languages.

    Hope you're well man,
    Hey there,

    Kind of you to say so :) I've actually been away from the computer the whole day. I didn't even get to watch the match, though I did see that we had won so I will procure a replay and watch it some time soon! When I do, I'm sure I'll continue to ramble on the forums about it :D

    It has been busy as of late, and since I have the responsibility of moderating I've been making an attempt to spend my spare time reading the threads that are more likely to require action than threads where you know everybody is going to be just having a good time. Unfortunately, this means I miss out on a lot of the more enjoyable threads until everyone's finished with them. Carl Spackler's transcripts are a good example - I'd enjoy reading them, but I know that it's mostly going to be people laughing at Carl's genius, so I figure it can wait until I've dealt with more pressing threads.

    Won't get any better for me either, come next month I'll be in Europe :eek:

    Can't wait to watch the replay!
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