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    Review Geelong defeats Lions by 85 points

    always better to ask for forgiveness than for permission ;) no harm done :)
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    Review Geelong defeats Lions by 85 points

    really? [link removed by moderator] if link isn't allowed just please delete :)
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    2008 Topps Chipz Medal Winners

    i have the bartel brownlow still for sale..
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    Adam's 2017 Brownlow Count

    doing a pretty good job, if you'll pardon the pun ;)
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    TV Basil Zempilas- Commentary AIDS

    he is the worst.. i just turn off whenever I see him he is that bad
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    Rumour Heath Shaw: '****ing ******'

    unless you're Tom Hawkins.. then it's a free kick against apparently..
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    and.. he's gone.
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    Autopsy Hawthorn v Geelong - opposition supporters coming to troll will be carded

    pretty sure he just meant every year Richmond would beat Hawks in the home and away season, we would win the flag.. and that was their glory for the season, beating the premiers.. now if we beat them during home and away will it be roles reversed haha
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    Words your parents use..

    haha yes.. stuff like this.. it is a unit of measurement before it become derogatory..
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    Words your parents use..

    that just aren't appropriate to use anymore. Calling an ottoman a "poof" and transistor radio a "tr@nny". Just a few I can think of atm.. Do your parents use anything that you shake your head at? Or is it just me? Edit: Well there you go, Tr@nny is in the world filter!
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    Do you know what happens....

    To people who don't like this post?!
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    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VI

    chokeslam ellsworthless!
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    Preview Hawks v Tigers featuring Sam Mitchell's 300th - Sun 24 July 2016, 3.20pm @ MCG

    Average possessions per game for players over 250 games.. all time.. Player Team Years # Games Ave. Greg Williams GE/SYD/CARL 1984-1997 6721 250 26.88 Dane Swan Collingwood 2003-2016 6928 258 26.85 Sam Mitchell Hawthorn 2002-2016 7864 299 26.3
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    hi yotc

    hi yotc
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