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  • haha, ill send you one in about 5 minutes, just finishing watching something
    ah, thought that might have been the case, I remember you telling me about it a while back. are you back now or something?
    haha, and im reading that mega thread s**t from back in the day, its hurting my eyes
    hey, come on msn tomorrow? Ive gotta go to be now, been good having our first civilised chat for nearly 7 months haha
    I know, i seriously dont have a clue what to do! Im already a long way down s**t creek now, I think Im gonna ring the number tomorrow, see what happens. that is all I can think of
    well atleast you are alright, hows life anyway?
    Nah, I dont think I was ever really gonna go, thought about it for sure, but it seemed way too risky. the right call was made!
    Well yeah they have rang and texted me (missed the call), that is where all the s**t is coming from now, have a look at a post of the texts they've been sending me, it is really freaking me out.
    Well he turned out exactly how I thought, a complete w***er. guess I was right all along haha good to see you got out fine though
    yeah, Im realising that now, Im actually really scared about what might happen, this is weird, I think Ill have to change my number
    and wow, didnt expect he was THAT bad, howd you handle it, not going into specific details? does it still haunt you?
    hahahaha I wonder if he still has that....
    and yeah, that is my guess too, or someone on here is trolling me
    oh, didnt end so well with cody then? never liked him
    and that fake call at the training session? haha
    well, where'd you meet him and how long ago?
    yeah, actually some of the rare highlights of our talks! haha
    oh, different guy, you move swiftly. where is this one from?
    how long is his ban? he must be dying without this site.
    still going out with the same guy, cody was it?
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