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    Discussion Only at the Saints...

    Like our recruitment 2008 - 2014. I was making light of it to be fair, but it does reflect a culture of incompetence, things are a little bit loose all over that such a mistake can be made, I presume social media stuff doesn't get proof-read even though a piece like this could have been planned...
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    Discussion Only at the Saints...

    Would we, on International Women's Day, try and congratulate one of our female members of staff for her achievements, and spell her name wrong... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Roast How does Damian Barrett still have AFL Media accreditation?

    For a supposed journalist he consistently butchers the English language - his last two paragraphs do not actually make sense. In any case his point is also ridiculous, since Lethlean"s duration of being at Saints is barely relevant - having knowledge of and having scouted the Swans is of course...
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    Win Prizes Supercoach Saints Leagues

    Keen to take part again. 2018 avg score 2171, finished 25131 overall. Team name: Musteline Warriors Think I was in D3 last year.
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    VFL Saints vs Sandringham 11am today Sat. 10th

    Indeed taking 'best available' is what you do if you're picking at say #7 and you have a lot of gaps in the list so any of the projected players in the 7-12 range are probably fair choices. But unless you're right at the start of a rebuild, you use mid to late picks for either guys you're...
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    Competitions 2018 Supercoach & Fantasy Leagues

    No worries - now we have an AFL Fantasy league too!
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    Competitions 2018 Supercoach & Fantasy Leagues

    Is this for Supercoach or AFL Fantasy? Cos everyone seemed to be posting their SC scores, yet I got an invite to AFL. Not that it matters cos I'll play/join both anyway, but we are doing SC leagues too?
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    Saints AFLX squad

    Gilbert is and always has been a handy player, inconsistent but on his day a serious contributor. He probably doesn't give us though the even-keeled take-charge attitude you look to get from the older player though; you couldn't see him doing what Joey or Roo did for us at times the last couple...
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    Saints AFLX squad

    A major digression we're on here... but Belgium didn't even have a government for nearly a year and half, and it made next to no difference whatsoever.
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    List Mgmt. 2018 NAB AFL Draft: November 22nd & 23rd

    I just want to throw out there - and I am accused of being overly negative at times (I feel its more accurate to say 'pragmatic') - all of last season I was saying if we don't get Kelly, we should trade one of our 2017 picks for 2018 picks and defer to next season. It would give us another 11...
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    Competitions 2018 Supercoach & Fantasy Leagues

    Supercoach Team Name: Musteline Warriors Overall 2017 Position: 77,705 Is there an AFL Fantasy league too?
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    Saints AFLX squad

    All fair points. But when you reference overseas viewers there's 2 things to consider; 1) As I mentioned above I play in Europe, and we play reduced numbers games in all but the most prolific areas (e.g. in London we play 18-a-side, probably 2/3rds of the participants being Aussies who played...
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    Saints AFLX squad

    Just throwing this out there... I play in Europe, where we play both the traditional game and a 9-man version on rugby fields. And we find that having a key forward is actually fairly important, a focal point, as you can hit them from almost anywhere on the park so having someone taking marks...
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    BJ - 300 this weekend

    I find the comments here pose a strange juxtaposition. He was a Saint legend, now a dirty Bomber. Well when he took that mark, it was an amazing feeling for every Saint alive. But then he missed the kick. He let me down there - the high followed by a low - but I still loved the positive in...
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    Saints Store

    I'm in Scotland so ringing the shop/club isn't ideal - it's hard even with the time difference let alone the cost of the call. Is there any other email address I can use to get in touch - like a member services email or something? I've been a member for years and sunk a fair bit of $ into the...
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