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  • Hey mate,
    I recently released a website I've been working on with Inside Football.
    It's their player ratings.

    It's fairly bare-bones, no-frills at the moment, so I wanna know what we could do to improve it.

    Have a play and pass on any feedback/feature requests/rating disagreements?

    Spread the word. Any feedback is welcome.

    Hi there! I've been following what's been happening in Qld over the last couple of days as I've just come back from 5 weeks in Brisbane & saw that Laidley was badly affected. I hope that you & your family are ok. My thoughts go to those who are having to cope with a repeat of 2011. All the best. moginie
    Hey mate, my family and I are fine as we actually live about 5 mins from Laidley in Plainland. We're also lucky to be on some relatively high ground. Unfortunately I think the Lifeline furniture store I manage near Gatton may be flooded out again but I can't check on it due to the closed highway. It does appear that the worst is likely over now though. Let's hope so. Thanks again for the well wishes moginie.
    Thanks for the heads up Echols, didn't really think about that. I do remember CrazyHawk and his vids and I'd hate for the same to happen to me. Unfortunately I already have 1 copyright strike on Youtube for a uploading a TV show trailer (of all things...) so I've apparently lost the privilege of being able to "unlist" videos so that people can't search for them. Think I'll just keep on going until the inevitable happens...and then just start a new account and go from there :)
    Mate, are those highlights a package you've put together? If so, you might want to protect them in some way from being public viewing. Or disguise the title of vid is some way. If you're aware of CrazyHawk and his highlights over the years, his channel on Youtube and all his clips were shut down and deleted, and I've not seen or heard of him since.
    Just a heads up. I really appreciate the effort you've gone to, and don't want to see it wasted.
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