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    Official Club Stuff 2018 Financial Results (links, rankings - now in post #2)

    Bulldogs have announced a $2.2m profit. Other significant figures: Operating revenue $51.5m Assets $45.8m Cash on hand: $7.9m Bank debt $0
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    Melbourne wanting to turn carpark into training oval

    This seems like the proposal which makes the most sense, at the moment the land they are referring to is just some bad grass with plenty of gravel, no one uses it or has any use for it - and its pretty much right next to the training oval they use at the moment
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    Melbourne wanting to turn carpark into training oval

    Yarra Park is something worth protecting and it would cause havoc for the train line during the building- both rule it out as an option in my mind. Why dont they build something in the parcel of land across from Goschs paddock/under the freeway? its just empty area covered in gravel
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    ALs Highlights!

    Does anyone know where there footy flashbacks of the prelim from a few weeks ok can be found?
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    Play Nice Eddie McGuire comments on holding Caro Wilson underwater

    She is without a doubt very very successful, let alone being head footy writer of one of the big daily newspapers she has won an AFL gold media award, a Walkley, AFLPA football writer of the year, many AFL media awards, Australian Journalist of the year at the Quill awards and an Australian...
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    Women's football licences to be announced today- who gets in???

    You do realise that there are many tight fitting elasticised alternatives they may choice to wear in these circumstances? I doubt someone in a competitive sporting environment would wear something hanging down their back.
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    Women's football licences to be announced today- who gets in???

    Some cluba definitely see a financial benefit to it, clubs don't seem to have issues getting sponsors for their women's teams and if it can help bring fans to the game overall it's a good investment. Also as mentioned, the AFL isn't a for profit organisation and this will be good for the game...
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    Mars Stadium Ballarat

    I It will be all about money, as long as those places offer better financial returns games will still be played there, someone will probably replace the Dogs in Cairns
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    Melbourne v Bulldogs - Round 8 2016

    You can't tackle someone around the knees, bloody obvious free kick
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    Docklands Stadium (Marvel Stadium) - Discussion

    Might the drop off you are noting actually be caused by your team being crap at the moment? I went to the blues/dogs game and while their was a good crowd in the GA area the Carlton reserved seats were half empty.
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    Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) - Discussion

    The MCC have released a new proposal involving elevated pedestrian routes to Richmond train station and a deck over the train lines
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    Why can't umpires bounce?

    I dont believe it has got any worse but that we are more aware of it because the ball gets called back. Go find a video of an old game and actually pay attention to the bounces, ball goes all over the place.
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    AFL Women's League

    The dogs already have sponsors lined up, dedicated female change rooms at Whitten Oval, a ground up to VFL standards to host home games and a history of developing and pushing female football, id imagine we wont have an issue in a competitive process.
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    Sydney Showgrounds (Spotless Stadium)

    Would have won at Etihad but we do need to get better at the G, problem being is the only team to have less games there since 2012 is Brisbane. On topic though, all GWS games should be at Spotless, geographic differences are an important part of the GWS experiment and playing games at the SCG...
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    Best 22 since 2000

    This is harder than I thought it would be, especially the bench and weighing up how many games played very impacts etc. Also tried to take into account team balance and chemistry to an extent. B: Hargrave, Lake, Morris HB: Murphy, Grant, Gilbee C: Cooney, West, Eagleton HF: Stringer, Hall ...
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