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  • I have got back on here and want comment any further ask doona what conversation me and him held if he is honest enough to tell you
    Hi, I am making a radio documentary on country football in tassie(midlands area) I want to interview some enthusiastic football supporters to share their stories of the league. The documentary will be broadcast at10 days on the island festival and ABC... I was hoping you and the forum community might give me some good leads of people to talk to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Hi, Could you please unsticky the Eastern FL Division 1,2,3&4 2011 as they are well past their date. The EFL have closed their forum so expect a few people to move across to here. Thanks.
    Let me say I have no pull at Broadford have dropped off committe
    And helping in the footy department by you bringing this up is a real cheap shot
    Let me also say if you would like to see the article I can find and post it on line perhaps a apologie could follow
    I certainly won't be apologising, because what I write is actually fact, rather than not. I think it is about time that someone removed the additional pressure from the Broadford FNC that you promote whenever you post, I don't see that as a cheap shot, I see that as a way to assist a fellow RDFNL club.
    Gidday itsmyshow. I started a thread, but now I realise that it's not much use - a nuisance in fact ! Are you able to delete it for me ?
    NEAFL - Eastern clubs 2014.

    Hey mate, can we close off the 2012 SEQAFL Div 4 thread in Queensland footy and make the new 2013 thread a sticky?
    Hey mate i just started up a new thread for the 2013 season did you want to lock the old one for 2012 (SEQAFL DIV 2) and sticky the new one for everyone to get on board. Cheers
    Any reason why you are allowing those idiots to get personal and inciting violence in the div 3 SEQFL thread??
    I have to say comments made by TheKoach can only be considered as grossly insulting. I understand he has been red carded before. He should be barred altogether
    Thats a old version bud... It was the one with the polls showing and the red updates... No stress bud just wanted to get the maximum exposure.
    Good morning mate - Could you email me at - Need to clean some things up with the current threads including the headings which i can't alter... Look forward to hearing from you bud... Also i wanted to get you postal detail so i can send some tickets out to you for this years event.
    Itsmyshow, what is wrong with the Hume League thread. Usually when you post something new the thread goes to the top of the thread list, but this is not happening. What's the story ?
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