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  • I like parties and I like fun, I want to live in a hotdog bun.

    Very happy with the T & E avatars popping up. Class work, pep pep.
    Hey Jabso, the departure from recent tradition may be lucky, but could you fix up my typo on the Selection thread I opened, please.
    check out all the mess I made on your board......oh wait it's gone.
    oh ive wasted my life.
    Jabso, I just want to apologise for posting that thread about your moderation of the board. It was wrong and I realise now that I should have sent you a PM. Discretion is the better part of valour, after all, and we can't go clogging up the board with our petty grievances.

    Let's let bygones be bygones, eh? You're a great bloke and I can't wait to share in Collingwood's successes of 2009 with you. :thumbsu:
    There's a few players left in the Buddy Draft if you would be so kind as to contribute to our efforts :thumbsu:
    Hey Jabso, could you please change the title of my Those Asian Women thread in the nest? It sounds so racist. Or if you can't do that, could you lock it? Thanks.
    Jabso, I've left the "W" out of Brownlow in my new thread title in the nest. Could you please fix it for me? Thanks.
    Hi Jabso, how do u multi quote messages when posting? i would like to grab quotes from different posts and add them in the one reply but unsure how to do this
    is there any way i can block certain individuals.. ie.. can i put a block on someone so i cant see their posts? also can i be red carded for PMs?
    Dear PieLebo87,

    You have received an infraction at BigFooty.

    Reason: Mid-Range
    The AFL board is not your personal price checker.

    This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    """Im going to get shot down for this, but Its only needed for an hour....

    I have someone thats wanting to sell me 20 inch Verde rims for my XR6 for $1100. Does that sound like a reasonable price? Are they worth it? They come with tyres, but tyres arent that flash.

    I need to know in the next hour so any (proper) feedback would be appreciated."""

    Jabso mate this is a joke. Im getting a mid-range fraction for that? I want to appeal it because I recon its bullshit. Who do I speak to? What do I do? Im sick of constant fractions to our supporters from opposition supporters for absolutely bullshit reasons.

    As for that post, I wasnt using it for a price-checker, I know how much and I was simply asking for feedback, how does that deserve an infraction? As for posting it in the AFL borard, I looked around, and couldnt find a motor vehicle board. Im really not happy, and hoping you can provide some information and actually do something about this bullshit infraction.
    hey Jabso,
    i just got my sister to sign up for BF and was wondering how long it would take for her activation to go through??
    her ALIAS is : whosthatdidak...
    thanks mate
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