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  • Hey mate! For some reason I can't reply to your post on my profile anymore, so I figured I'll just post on yours! Firstly, sorry for the late reply! Secondly, in regards to my animated avatar, it's not that difficult to replicate at all. Especially for a 2D cartoon like I have, I just personalise it for each team I follow. It's pretty painless! What exactly did you have in mind?
    Haha all good, It's a bit annoying this system - I don't even know if you get a notification for me replying on here but I guess we'll find out.

    That's a great question! I know the teams I want to put on it, I would just need to figure out the 2D cartoon. Any suggestions? Haha
    I'd like you to re-open the Angel Di Maria thread please. I'd like the opportunity to reply to the posts that were made.Shut down with no warning is just straight out wrong. I thought forums were all about opinions?
    Signature should be "Allez Les Bleus" not "Allez Le Blues" (Les is "the" in plural form, le is "the" in masculine singular objects/nouns)
    Not actually French either, just know a bit of their language.

    On the Costa Rica bandwagon for the rest of the World Cup (or until they get knocked out)
    Disappointed to see the French and Costa Ricans get knocked out. Don't really care who wins now.
    All the teams I wanted to see win the quarters ended up losing. Agreed about not caring who wins now (although a Brazil v Argentina final would be juicy)
    Looking suave in blue Jatz
    Prepare for some ludicrous post reports at strange hours of the night, haha.
    Are you going to buy it if I say that I'm looking forward to it? ;)

    Nothing quite like hitting the ground running haha
    I actually do buy it! I enjoy modding too, I wouldn't be one if I didn't like it!
    Love the avatar change, wish it was a Rovers emblem though ;)
    Didn't even see this haha have to stop using Tapatalk.

    Haha cheers mate, I've actually been following Rovers as if they were Leicester since we've been promoted. Would really love them to come up as well!
    Like the name change :thumbsu:
    Haha cheers mate! I decided after turning 22, I could probably drop the boy part. Nice and simple haha
    what an amazing game to watch!
    very proud of my jimmy...did a great job on lenny hayes.

    i swear, i don't think i have every wanted a team other than collingwood to win so much in my life! go cats!
    that is very true. i always had a feeling that he would move back home anyway,
    especially after he stopped getting games for collingwood.

    felt the same way about beams when he didn't want to sign a contract extension with the pies. but luckily he did (eventually) i was starting to get attached to him...
    devastated that he is leaving! but if he doesn't want to play, then it is probably best he goes back to ireland i guess.

    oh, i'm really going to miss his cute little irish accent!
    lol, i guess i am quite a fan of him! but i cannot really discuss my like for murph to anyone else (or i'll be shunned/punished)

    i doubt other collingwood supporters would appreciate me rambling on about his playing abilities and cuteness...
    true. just a bit of fun! but seriously, stevens dancing shirtless...not a good look.
    they should of had murph instead!
    now that you say that i have noticed that he does get some extra attention by the lions when they play against each other.

    omg, have you seen the carlton boys on the footy show dancing? it was painful
    (but funny) to watch. especially stevens...
    or you could make an exception and praise the collingwood boys...lol, doubt i would do the same about carlton players.

    where would murphy have gone under the father/son rule? i could be really wrong, but did his dad play for fitzroy or something...i guess that would have made him go to the bris lions then.
    lol, and if anyone asks about pendlebury...use the same response!
    murph doesn't have a brother or anything, does he?
    hahah, no i'm not too fussed either way about the tatts. i don't love them and i don't hate them i guess.

    yeah, don't really like pendlebury THAT much... he is a good player
    (but between you and me he is a bit soft sometimes)
    oh, so his brother is a cricketer as well as a footballer...must research him.
    lol, i bet he has a tatt on his arm too!

    ok, you can have pendles (not that cute) and i'll take murph (a definite cutie!)
    Ooo, really? your uncle knows his dad? should be interesting to see how his little brother turns out then. collingwood should investigate i think.

    yeah, i like murph a lot more in comparison to gibbs and judd. wouldn't mind at all
    if he came to collingwood. (he is cute as well!)
    lol, yep. being a collingwood supporter = automatic hate!

    murph is a great player for the blues and you justify why he is your fav perfectly!
    that's pretty much why i like beams, he is young and looks like he will be a good player for collingwood in the future.
    yep. start the rumour. everyone will fall for it!

    lol, is your avatar murph and his girl at the brownlow?
    i'm guessing he is your fav player...
    i bet fev did something/said something to her and gibbs didn't know how to defend or protect her. poor thing... and like you said in that brownlow thread if judd couldn't stop fev, gibbsy had NO chance! lol
    lol, yeah. i'm sure you felt very 'sorry' for gibbs.
    he looked about 12 standing next to her though, she was just gorgeous!

    but i really wonder what made her cry...probs fev
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