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  • hey JD, i lost the Chiefs in temptation this week when i had them at -3 to beat the Titans. Wondering if you could sort them out, i'm heading away this weekend, but if it can get fixed in the AE website, could you put them just for the win v OAK?? Cheers. Yours in tipping - Prawn
    I hear around the traps you're a bit of a loose cannon.
    Loose cannons are have been running the AFL into ground for a while now.. if you hadn't noticed.. JD is a Statue of strength in a SUPERIOR League known as 'The AE'. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it H.A.D!!
    The debate starts getting abit hot for ODNB and then daytripper comes in throwing mud at us, creating a shitfight and odnb goes quiet because everyones attention is taken by the agression.That sought of trick is well known and documented!
    Never mind what other awards they're throwing around, the TV/midget thing was Post Of The Year. Well played.
    "Usually is a surprise when foreplay involves drugging your victim or wedging their head in a car window."

    Mate, that had me pissing myself. Kudos to you.
    Hello Jeff, just a quick question.
    Which one would go longer?
    a) A football kicked by Luke Ball.
    b) A BigFooty post by KissStephanie.
    Congrats JD, well done to your mob today, they were fantastic, good way to end the season after your other team getting so close. enjoy it, wont be happening next year haha
    Coz I won't be around, good luck for tomorrow. And in the case of a Saints victory, congratulations!
    what's your gut feel on the Saint's chances this week v Arizona?
    This is where home field is huge, i'd hate to be trying to recapture form on the road....I am hoping the wheel has turned with some of these injuries.

    Ohhhh I would hate to be in your path Saturday if the unspeakable were to happen :p

    Either way, good luck mate. Heading to the game?
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