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    Western Region FL - Divy 1 2019

    I also heard ALTONA are bringing in a woman’s team next year and Kate Jesaulenko wants to play for them. That has come from the coach.
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    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    The best gossip I have heard is that Alex Fevola had a wonderful time in the back of a cab with Buddy, well Buddy had a wonderful time.... that’s from someone who was sitting in the cab as well.
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    Play Nice Majak Daw in hospital after jumping from the Bolte bridge

    I hope and pray his mental state is ok. If he wishes to return, I pray he will make it back from such shocking injuries.
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    Trent Croad accused of ripping off clients...

    Go to @katejesaulenko on Instagram and check out her post regarding this. She goes to town on The Age for there story. She is a criminal lawyer and don’t think she would have a go at them if she was wrong. It’s hilarious. Two sides to every story I guess. It’s funny how everyone goes the people...
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    Prediction Next Coach Sacked

    There is only one game you need to win. Coming second means you lost. You weren’t good enough. You lost, just like the rest of the clubs. Better luck next year Buckley! They can be quality players they can be in the GF but if you lose it the season means nothing season over! They play all year...
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    Scandal What's each clubs biggest scandal over the years?

    Well all I can say is I have had the pleasure of meeting all three of them, including the legend Jezza himself. He is known as an incredible man, an incredible footballer, and he is more than happy for his daughter and Trent because as he said “they are happy and that’s all that matters”. Maybe...
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    Prediction Next Coach Sacked

    Seems you are wrong there - post on his daughters facebook.
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    Rumour Another sexting scandal

    Idiots. Whatever sport, if he is at the the top of his game, to think he can act this way and not get caught is just plain stupidity. When will these guys wake up? Anyway, if found guilty, will be a costly stupid mistake for him. Grow up!
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    Scandal What's each clubs biggest scandal over the years?

    What does this even mean? It was a beautiful post she shared about her father. Do you know her? Do you know the relationship she has with her Father, or Trent for that matter? I was lucky enough to meet Jezza one night and he couldn’t speak highly enough about Trent and Kate. I must say I am...
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    Scandal What's each clubs biggest scandal over the years?

    What’s weird about it?
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    Football Related Random Thread

    Haha. Poor Kim. Those Jesaulenko legs... no comparison. Good choice Croady.
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    Who should Have the Next Statue at MCG

    Well said. I agree. How could this mark not be immortalised, mark of the century.. what comes before that? And a champion player. Rates in almost all top 10’s. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t done it yet although I hear he is a very private man who couldn’t care less about his...